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  1. F

    Question i7-12700KF -- Insane Temp Instability ?

    Hello Denizens of the OC Deep! I seek your wisdom of the ages. Random Context: I have been building PCs for about 15~ years now as a side-job; with about 100-200 under my belt (mostly for gaming and lite production work). I have limited OC experience, mostly on the much older Ivy CPUs. I...
  2. SeverinV

    Question Will ASRock Z690 Steel Legend support i7-12700kf ?

    Hey, So I checked the CPU for this motherboard but I found that it only supports i7-12700(C0) and i7-12700T(C0). I want to buy 12700kf. I want to know if it going to support it. It supports i9-12900kf but there is no info on 12700kf. Thanks for the info, Cheers

    [SOLVED] Feedback needed

    Here are some pics of my build and some benchmarks: View: https://imgur.com/a/zP7l18K I don't build computers very often. I am a bit troubled with my PC shown as under performing. Also wondering if the heat is well controlled as per the stress tests images that can be seen in the links...

    [SOLVED] Need opinions on whether fan setup works with my current build

    Fan setup ( IMAGE ) I would have 6 intake fans , 2 different trio Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200, High Performance Cooling Fan, 3-Pin, 1200 RP ( 3 ) ( side of the case ) ( intake ) Corsair AF Series AF120 LED (2018) CO-9050082-WW 120mm White LED Case Fan, 3-Pack(3) ( front pannel ) ( intake ) I...