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    [SOLVED] ECS H61H2-M2 (V1.0) cooling compability

    Hello everybody, I am upgrading my i3 3220 to i7 2600k in few days. Also I am planing to OC the i7 but my PC currently contains only the Intel stock cooler. My plan was to buy the Cryorig H7 cooler with 2 of the Corsairs SP120 fans. The case space seems fine and shoudn't cause any problems...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Can I overclock on a ECS H61H2-M2 (V1.0) mobo?

    Hello everbody, I have a question about if I can overclock on my motherbord. I am planing to upgrade my CPU to i7 2600k and add an hyper 212 evo on it. So, I need to know if there is any compability isues. I looked up overclocking guides and tutorials for my mobo but there was almost non. My...
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    [SOLVED] i5 3570k vs i7 2600k

    Hello everyone, I have a question on buying next CPU for PC with these specifications: ECS h61h2-m2 (socket 1155), 16 gb Hyperx Ram, Corsair CS550M, i3 3220, 3.3 GHz, stock cooling, MSI 1050, 2 Gb, OC. I use this PC mostly for gaming purposes at the moment. So I was thinking about an CPU...
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    Question Apex Legend cant get that FPS?? PLS HELP

    Hi, I am new at the forum, please help me out. I need to ask you PC Gurus what is wrong with my PC. I can only get 30-40 FPS on APEX legends even with low settings When I check the CPU, GPU and RAM while playing other than GPU non of them using its capacity %100 Only GPU working at %100 My...
  5. M

    Question Is this Power Supply good enough for my Computer?

    I'm planning to buy this Power Supply. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014W3EMAO/ref=psdc_1161760_t3_B01LYGJL0E?th=1 If anyone knows does it have 8 pin. If it doesn't i'll just buy 8 pin. My question is should I buy that power supply for my pc? Specs: i7-2600k GPU: Amd MSI RADEON RX 470 Will...
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    Question i7 8700k----£350-- worth it?

    hi, so recently upgraded to a gtx 1080 but its time to get rid of my i7 2600k and upgrade cpu, i7 8700k is currently £350 on new egg+ £100 for new mobo also, is this worth it, or would i be better saving money and going for the ryzen 2700x, i already have a corsair liquid cpu cooler. i will...
  7. N

    Question Wait for Ryzen 3rd gen or go with ryzen 2nd

    Hi guys, I am gonna make my first build but i saw some release date leaks for ryzen 3rd gen APU. So i had to ask should i wait for 3rd gen apus or go with ryzen 5 2400g I will not be buying a gpu for like a year or something and just rely on igpu. Thanks in advance
  8. A

    Clockwork Lag for 10 seconds every minute. PC/PS4

    Two weeks ago we had a bunch of construction in my neighbourhood and directly correlating to that timeline I started getting the weirdest lag in my games. It only happens while gaming, any other online function is fine, but I'm getting exactly 10 seconds of lag every 60 seconds. Originally this...
  9. R

    Google Wifi Issue

    Everything was working fine for several months. I upgraded my wife's phone in addition to mine (we got two S9+ phones) yesterday. Had no trouble connecting to the Wifi until yesterday when I brought the phones home. I stayed up troubleshooting until 2am. I couldn't get anything to work. I...
  10. W

    Remove my safe mode on my broken screen windows 8 hp

    Hi I have a broken screen on my laptop hp windows 8 it use to connect to HDMI tv but it dosent work anymore because it’s on safe mode how do I get it working again?
  11. J

    Question how well will an imac early 2009 work with video editing?

    I get it's a rather old system , however I might be purchasing a used one soon to use for video editing and screen recording, hopefully with camtasia studio? also, how well would it work with video streaming (from youtube mainly) and light gaming? (nothing heavy of course just like tf2 and...
  12. D

    Asus z170 pro gaming vs msi m3 vs gigabyte gaming 3

    Hey guys, I am looking for a good motherboard to buy and have shortlisted these three 1.Gigabyte z170x gaming 3 2.MSI z170a gaming m3 3.Asus z170 pro gaming I have seen a lot reviews of these three and really got confused.From these three Asus has best reviews but on Amazon.com really very few...
  13. S

    How to fix overlapping?

    Hello! I have created an app that deals with a few troubles. I have attached some pictures below that I would really appreciate if you would take a look at. For some reason the numbers seem to overlap. I believe I have tried everything, why I am now reaching out to you guys. Thank you so much...
  14. D

    Connection 6 pins to gigabye gtx 1060 g1 gaming

    I literately have 0 cash left and turns out that my new case Cooler master CMP 351 has a power supply (supposedly 500w ) model (rs 500 pcar i3) has only 2x4 pins which fit my h110m s2ph motherboard and I'm left with a 6 pin for my gtx 1060 g1 gaming, what happens if I get a 6 to 8 adapter and...
  15. AntonMir

    Wanting to clone a HDD and combine old partitions.

    Hi! I have a 1TB HDD with 2 partitions. Partition 1(~107GB - 102GB used, NTFS) has Windows 7, personal files and programs. Partition 2(~730GB - 294GB used, EXT3) has some personal files, backups and most of my games. I bought a new 1TB HDD and I'd like to copy my old HDD to that, but I want to...
  16. T

    Help with creating a batch file for a macro

    Hello, my goal is to launch multiple desktop applications and launch a couple websites through google chrome with a single batch file. Basically I'm pulling up all the programs and websites I use when broadcasting games through twitch.tv, so what I'm looking at here is a list something like...
  17. B

    Need a cheap motherboard, wont be overclocking

    Hi, i need a long lasting, solid motherboard ($50-$130) with great audio that wont be used to overclock. Im using an Intel i5-4570 and a gtx 770. Thanks!
  18. P

    since downloading windows 8.1> the graphics for my Rise of nation game is crap... please tell me why.

    since downloading windows 8.1> the graphics for my Rise of nation game is crap... please tell me why
  19. L

    what processor do i need?

    i have amd a4-3400 APU with radeon(tm) HD graphics (2 CPUs),2.7 GHz 4 gb ram 500 gb HDD psu 400w i will buy "Sapphire R7 260X OC, 2GB GDDR5" and some 500w psu Now i've been told my only downside is processor so could you tell me what processor would be enough,so just sugestions min price there...