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  1. ab230997

    [SOLVED] Will an I7 2700K work on PCIe 3.0 MOBO?

    Hello, I'm new here and this i my first post so here goes: I have an i7 2700K that i was using with my ECS H61H2-M6 Mobo, but unfortunately the motherboard isn't taking power from the PSU, thus PC is not turning on. I cross checked the PSU on another PC and it works. No burst capacitors on...
  2. W

    Question HELP! having blue screens when installing new working ram

    i have had loads of problems recently concerning ram. i had a ram stick where i would receive the POST led code 55. so i stopped using that 8gb ram stick i now only use 1x8gb stick and everything runs fine. recently i bought another stick of ram because i thought my old one failed and when i...
  3. R

    Question i7 2700k, gtx 1660 Ti or gtx 1080 or rtx 2060

    Hello everybody, My current PC specs are: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Crucial MX500 250gb, Segate Barracuda 1T 16 gb Hyperx RAM, 1600 MHz Corsair CS550M, i7 2700k, stock cooler ( probaly will get nh-d14 or d15 ) MSI 1050, 2 Gb, OC. I will maybe upgrading my GPU in the following month but I can realy...
  4. N

    Question Computer disconnects from the internet and gives no signal when downloading.

    So whenever I start a download of a big file (maybe it could happen with small files aswell but It did not happen with me once) usually after a while my screen goes no signal any video I have played in the background stops and I have to reload the pages , the download stops , sometimes the...
  5. J

    Question how well will an imac early 2009 work with video editing?

    I get it's a rather old system , however I might be purchasing a used one soon to use for video editing and screen recording, hopefully with camtasia studio? also, how well would it work with video streaming (from youtube mainly) and light gaming? (nothing heavy of course just like tf2 and...
  6. M

    Building a PC

    Hey guys, My desktop (HP Pavillion Elite) just died (mobo is dead) and I decided to build a PC and I was looking for some feedback. This computer will be used to surf the web, use Microsoft Office, watch movies, play games (I'm more of a console guy, but I'm willing to try out PC gaming). I'd...