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    Question i7 4770k Haswell Prime95 26.6 vs 29.xx

    Hi, I’ve been trying to overclock my i7 4770k on the newest version of Prime but couldn’t get it stable on 4.3 at 1.250volts, temps were really high on my Corsair H100i pro. I installed the 26.6 version instead and now the overclock is stable and doesn’t rise above 75c in temps, How come...
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    Question Overclocking my I7 4770k to 4.5ghz

    I just installed my Corsair H100i Pro and I would like to overclock my cpu to 4.5 ghz. I watched a guide and did exactly like him, but I knew it wouldn't be stable so I tried to boot and used prime95 and it crashed. The thing is, I am not sure which voltages to touch, I get that I need to...
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    Question Is my cpu bottlenecking my 2080 or is something else the problem?

    I recently bought a MSI rtx 2080 8GB and been playing Apex Legends. My CPU is an i5 6600. I feel like im getting the same performance as i did before with my 1060. Ive used msi after burner to check the usage on my CPU and GPU and this it what the result is. When dropping down in game the GPU...