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  1. Skydaz

    Question Laptop Screen Flickering Sometimes Even while not gaming.

    Hello, I have an old laptop which is MSI GE62 2QF APACHE PRO Specs : i7 5700hq GTX 970m intel HD 5000 16gb Ram 1TB HDD 60hz scrren refresh rate Currently my screen will flicker (horizontal line occur for a very short period of time like vsync screen tearing effect in games)Just one line appear...
  2. Skydaz

    Question intel i7 5700hq Gaming at max temp of 90 c

    Laptop : msi ge62 2qf apache pro (used laptop) i7 5700hq 16gb ddr3 ram gtx 970m 3gb ddr5 vram 1TB hdd from toshiba canvio external hard disk so i bought this used laptop, is it normal when the temperature hit 90 celcius while gaming ? But i also notice that the temperature will not go above...