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i7 7700

Forum discussion tagged with i7 7700.
  1. H

    Question 72 degrees Celsius!

    Hi all! I have Intel i7 7700 with stock cooling. I was just surfing on internet and decided to check my CPU temp. And it was 72-76 degrees celsius on 15-20% load. Is it normal for that kind of CPUs or not ? Because i thought 72 degrees is pretty hot and its not even on full load. Thanks for answers!
  2. Chobs Chobs

    Question Asus B250M Prime RAM Upgrade 3 sticks

    Hey there guys! I'm new in this forum! I've been reading TomsHardware for years, you guys are amazing! :) I have decided to register because I would like to know the answer to the following question. I have an i7 7700 on an Asus B250M Prime motherboard. It is currently running with 2 G.Skill...
  3. N

    Question i7 7700 Kaby Lake Throttled at .79 GHz

    Hey everyone, Ive been combing forums all day and have found nothing has helped. I have recently upgraded to an i7 7700 Kaby Lake 3.6 GHz cpu and the MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Both are from my older brother who has used them with no problem with comparable other parts. Once installed i flashed the...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Is my PC good enough for a 144hz 1440p monitor?

    I'm interested in buying a second monitor for my computer and was wondering if it was good enough to support a 1440p 144hz monitor. Also, if it is able to run this kind of monitor, what are some I should consider? I am currently in a budget of $500 max before taxes. I am currently considering...
  5. R

    Question Low GPU and CPU usage in most games

    Hi, I've recently bought an Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC, replacing my 1070. The thing is, in most games I play, my cpu and gpu usage are equally staying around %40 to %60 range, the only game I get more than %70 usage is Modern Warfare 2019. I've set all my power settings to maximum...
  6. R

    Question i7 7700 Idle temps

    So my i7 7700 is idling around 50 to 55c and spiking to 60 to 65, Underload it will start at 80 then continue rising up to 85/86c. The reason I question this is because I just reapplied thermal paste today and I don't know if it is sitting at the correct temps PC CPU:i7 7700 Cpu Cooler: Stock...
  7. P

    Question Cheap mobo for i7 7700

    I have a pre-built pc with i7 7700 and 16gb ram. My question is can I move it to a bigger case with new mobo and psu? And Is there a mobo that’s under 200 for this cpu?
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrade for i7 7700

    Hello all. An upgrade from i7 7700 (non k) to ryzen 3700x will worth it? This is my current hardwares: i7 7700 (non k) MSI H270m mortar arctic 2 x 8gb 3000 MHz xpg adata (using only 2400 due CPU limitation) Cryorig H7 Powercolor red devil vega 56 TX650m I'm thinking in get: ryzen 7 3700x msi...
  9. H

    Question Computer started crashing recently after upgrading psu and gpu.

    Hello people a month ago I upgraded my gt710 with Rx 570 8gb oc and switched rampage 600w psu recently my computer started crashing while gaming everything is ok when im surfing in internet or watching a movie or playing low spec games(crusader kings 2 and some text based games) but when i try...
  10. DanTalbot

    Question DDR 400MHZ/PC3200 512MB

  11. N

    Looking for a new MONITOR and SSD

    Hey guys. I want to upgrade my pc. Im looking for a new monitor and an ssd. Budget for monitor: €200-250 Budget for SSD: €60 Requirements: Monitor: 144hz 1ms atleast 22" SSD: As fast as possible and at least 250GB. Sites you can use: www.mediamarkt.nl www.bol.com www.alternate.nl...
  12. P

    CPU hitting 93 C on Cinebench

    I'm using an OC i7 8700k to 5Ghz watercooled by the corsair H150i Pro. My idle temps range from 35-41 C and on Cinebench it stays at around 90C. Is there anything I can do to lower the temps cause lowering the OC to 4.9 makes no difference
  13. AndrewFreedman

    Performance Preview: 13-inch MacBook Pro Benchmarks Are Here

    Laptop Mag released its initial benchmarks for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and its SSD numbers are particularly fast. Performance Preview: 13-inch MacBook Pro Benchmarks Are Here : Read more
  14. D

    Need WiFi Help

    Looking for some help with potentially boosting my wireless speed or making it more stable. I recently moved into the first floor of an apartment for the summer. My downstairs apartment picks up the wifi, but speeds bounce from 1mb/s download to up to 60 mb/s. My computer is running an ASUS PCE...
  15. S

    Access Denied when using 'Open With'

    Hello, I am having an issue with one of my windows XP machines in opening files. For example: I have a .txt file and when I double click on it it opens up fine in notepad. But if I right click and click on 'Open With..' (to use say, word pad instead) I immediately get an access denied error...