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  1. M

    Question i7-8086k casually hitting 100c under load

    Hey guys, I really need some help. I've been pouring through threads and looking around for an answer to my problem. I've had this PC for over a year now and just started monitoring the temperature my components are running at and my CPU is running extremely hot. Running games like Far Cry 5...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Does it worth something?

    Hello, recently I have i7 8086K. Does it worth something to upgrade on i9 9900K? Or any advice for upgrade overall? Computer is primarily for gaming in 4k.
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Is it worth it to upgrade whole system from Intel to AMD?

    I'm having in my work rig Intel i7-8086K and was thinking to upgrade whole system with Ryzen 3900X. I'm using this PC just for Unreal Engine 4 3D game development, which means a lot of rendering and builds. Since upgrade will cost me a lot, my question is, is this worth it? Will I see any huge...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] GTX 2080 or i7-8086k for upgrade?

    So I'm looking to make my next "big" purchase for my system, but I'm stuck on which route to take. Currently, I'm rolling with a 6700k and a 1070 in my build. This has served me well so far since I only do 1080p, but newer open world games - which are my preference at the moment - are starting...
  5. iKrloz

    Question Running delidded 8086k @ 87°C with 120mm AIO

    Specs: i7 8086k delidded woth liquid metal and OC'd @5.0Ghz all cores Evga Rtx 2080ti xc 16 ram 3200mhz cas14 Cooler aio ASUS ROG Ryuo 120 Case In-Win A1 Plus Recently I went to a sff case (the Inwin A1+ its gorgeous, however, as expected, not great airflow and I get pretty bad thermals on the...
  6. B

    Question I7 8086k ruined my computer (how do I fix?)

    My i7 8086k broke my computer how do I fix? I replaced my old i5 with an i7 8086k because of game stutters and now I get 20fps. Specs, 32gb ram 500gb ssd Gtx 1070 I7 8086k Msi z370 Sli plus
  7. xMenace

    Question Event 41 Kernel Power BSOD

    I have an 8086K @ 5.2Ghz with very good cooling (H150i), yet when I play Rainbow Six Siege, and this only happens in Siege, I periodically get Event 41 Kernel Power BSOD (From Event Viewer). "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system...
  8. F

    Question 100% USAGE

    I7-8086K and when im launching and playing GTA V it uses 100% of it. is that normal?