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  1. Shinnio

    Question To hight temps on a i7 860

    So i overclocked my i7 860 to 3ghz and i get 51c at idle and 86-90 at high load. I have a preaty beefy cooler master cooler so i wonder if there was somthing wrong here. And i am quite new to overclocking so any tips would help!
  2. J

    guuuuys my acer one 14 won't finish shutting down, what should I do?

    i've just decided to shut it down and get to sleep but after the night it's still shutting down.
  3. D

    How tight should the heatsink be screwed in?

    Hello, and sorry for the following. This might be the wrong question to ask, but i have got a laptop at home, a Fujitsu lifebook a530. It is really old, and overheating extremely. I cleaned the insides and replaced the thermal paste as neatly as possible. There were improvements, but still...
  4. S

    How to stop ICMP Flood Attacks

    Recently, my Internet has been suffering from this problem and I can't watch any videos even in 480p -sometimes 360p-. I discovered this when I went into router interface. I opened the log page and saw that I've been getting DoS ICMP flood attacks. So, I cleaned my computer from viruses with...
  5. F

    2-Bay NAS Storage Expansion

    I've recently filled up my 2-bay Synology NAS (DS 215j) containing of a 1TB and 3TB drive running in JBOD. The 3TB drive currently in my NAS was an upgrade to the previous 1TB drive (was also running in JBOD) and for me to safely replace the hard drive, I had to backup everything, swap out the...
  6. A

    Asus with 2 bad memory slots, TWICE?!?

    New Build with 4 memory slots. I can install memory into B1 and B2 no problem. But A1 and A2 both hang on Error Code AC, and ultimately stop at Error Code 55. The 4 sticks are fine, and 2 slots are fine. The TWIST, is that I exchanged the motherboard for same model. Shocked to find I have the...
  7. S

    Need help! Installed new Asus motherboard can't get drivers to work

    I installed the Asus p8p67 motherboard on windows 10 and I can't get my ethernet lan drivers to work so I can download my other drivers. Does this motherboard not support windows 10?
  8. O

    How to upgrade a mini computer processor?

    Hello, i bought a new mini pc with a nice processor (I7 4650u) from Aliexpress, his working very nice but i really want a new processor, and everybody i know tell me that i cant upgrade, and i want to know if its the truth... (sorry for my english) omer.
  9. J

    ASUS GeForce STRIX GTX 960 4GB for my build?

    Hey guys! I just got a used PC which actually is really new. Since I am going to use it for gaming I am buying a graphics card (it does not have one). I was thinking about getting the ASUS GeForce STRIX GTX 960 4GB because it has a fair price and I am pretty sure it will fit. I have the CM...
  10. L

    A8-7650k over clock with stock cooler

    Hi everyone! I'm curious as to what overclock I can achieve on a A8 7650k apu with a A68hm plus mobo on the stock cooler. This is purely out of curiously as to what the stock cooler can handle. I will eventually purchase an aftermarket cooler and discrete gpu and overclock it the right way. The...
  11. P

    GPU low usage

    r9 270 paired with fx 8320 So I'm playing csgo and I get from 200 to 80 constant drops which makes the game look very laggy. I try to find a problem since before it was 180-250+ and apparently my gpu usage is only 20 to 28% while my cpu is at 50% is it possible to fix this by increasing the...
  12. Marijus

    What you think ?

    Hey, what you think about this pc www.skytech.lt/krepselis-82966.html Is everything compatible, everything will work ? This will be my first custom build pc.
  13. T

    R9 295X2 vs. Titan X?

    Which one is better?