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  1. Warcy

    [SOLVED] NZXT Kraken x72 not performing as expected

    Hi, i have an Intel i7 8700k overclocked at 5ghz with the premade oc profile provided by my motherboard (Asus Prime z370-a) cooled by an AIO NZXT Kraken x72 and i noticed that my temps were so high (in full load >95° C). I tried to dismount and remount the cooler adding more thermal paste but...
  2. A

    Question CPU runs at higher base speed after i stopped OVERCLOCKING

    Maximus x Hero (wifi) i7 8700k 3.7ghz (liquid cooling) 16gb vengeance LPX 3000hz c15 960 m.2 ssd gtx 1070 750W Gold+ So i've been overclocking my system @ 5ghz w/ AVX target @ 4.8ghz (stable under stress tests temp at 90-95c under load) and it crashes when i play my games. so i load default...