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  1. sakesoju

    [SOLVED] Intel I-7 10510U vs 10710U

    10510U - 1.8 GHz base clock with 4.90 GHz boost 4 cores (8 threads) 10710U - 1.1 GHz base clock with 4.70 Ghz boost 6 cores (12 threads) I know that 10710U is better (a bit more expensive but much faster from what intel is saying) but I've also seen posts that some laptop with 6 cores that...
  2. D

    Can't connect to internet.

    All of my adapters are giving me a red X and not connecting to the WI-FI despite the connections showing up. http://imgur.com/f5tSZyR.jpg The only adapter I use is the 2nd one and it's enabled but still won't connect.