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  1. Question I7 2600 Underperfoming with GTX 1660 Super

    Hello. I have an old build that im upgrading by time. The problem is that im having a very strange low perfomance even with old games. My Build is on the pic under. My Psu is a Corsair TUF MasterWatt 450w 80 plus bronze Example: /\ 137 fps /\ 62 fps with sudden drops to 50's fps What i...
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    [SOLVED] Can an i7 2600 handle an RX580 ?

    My friend is building a small budget rig and we're wondering if his i7 2600 can run an RX580 4GB without any problem or bottleneck. Also, what would be the best compatible GPU for an i5 3470? Thanks in advance!
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    [SOLVED] Is my CPU Combatible?

    Hello! I am wanting to upgrade my Optiplex 990 MT, which has a 6D7TR motherboard and an i5 2400. I am wanting to get a RTX TITAN, but I am assuming my CPU would bottleneck it. A foreign sight says that the motherboard's best CPU is the i7 2600, but I can't find anything official. Anything?
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    [SOLVED] How many cores for 2020 and beyond?

    Hey everyone! I have an i7 2600 that I've been sitting on for almost a decade and was considering building on a new platform. Was leaning towards the R7 3700x but I know the R5 3600 is a tough deal to pass up right now... My main problem is I'm just having a hard time picking between the two...