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  1. Andreas8660

    [SOLVED] GTX 550ti and i7 3770 graphics simultaneously

    Hi i was wondering if it is possible to use both myt gpu and cpu graphics at the same time so i can hav a tripple monitor setup*?
  2. Anas Riaz

    [SOLVED] GPU no display on certain motherboards

    I had an HD7850. I bought an Rx570. 570 was working fine in the shop. When i brought it home and inserted in my system there was no display. Neither from GPU or motherboard. So i unplugged 570, and motherboarf started giving display and started windows just fine. Then i plugged in my previous...
  3. C

    Overclocking gone blurry?

    I have been trying to overclock my monitor, and I can get it to overclock at 70hz or more, but whenever I do, the screen goes blurry, like it is at a smaller than native resolution. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!