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    [SOLVED] Half Ram slots not working on a particular CPU

    Hey everyone, yesterday I ran into an issue of pc getting stuck into a boot loop before the bios screen. Upon diagnosing, it turned out to be half my ram slots are not working and it won't boot if the ram is inserted in them. The technical guy tested the motherboard by mounting another processor...
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    [SOLVED] Cryorig C7 + i7 4790 (non-k) High Temp

    Hi All, I have Cryorig C7 fan cooler paired up with i7 4790, and my pc is an itx system, using Silverstone SG13 case. During full load (intel xtu stress test or even in gaming) the temp is always hit over 95c, idle is about 45-55c. Now i downclocked the cpu (using windows power option menu) to...
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    [SOLVED] PC Crashes - Uknown Cause

    So I've recently upgraded a 760 to 1060 6gb. At first it was working decently, after exchanging cpu cooler due to the old one being too old I found my pc crashing a lot. It would out of nowhere cut straight to the boot screen. I've been trying to find all the methods, at first thinking it's my...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10/Harddrive crashes and 100% disk usage

    So I recently upgraded my graphics card and cpu fan and when turning on my pc it would crash and reboot whether it's at the log in screen or a couple minutes once the computer logs in. I've tried another hard drive and it seems to work fine and even with the current hard drive I manage to have...
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    Question Why is my PC (GTX 10606GB I7-4790) SO slow?

    Ive recently upgraded from a 760 to 1060 6gb and my frame rate barely increased when it comes to games. It still suffers from fps going from 100-20 constantly and stutters my game. Im not sure what the problem is, I'll list my specs below, I've had most of these components for around 5 years so...