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    [SOLVED] PC Crashes - Uknown Cause

    So I've recently upgraded a 760 to 1060 6gb. At first it was working decently, after exchanging cpu cooler due to the old one being too old I found my pc crashing a lot. It would out of nowhere cut straight to the boot screen. I've been trying to find all the methods, at first thinking it's my...
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    Question Windows 10/Harddrive crashes and 100% disk usage

    So I recently upgraded my graphics card and cpu fan and when turning on my pc it would crash and reboot whether it's at the log in screen or a couple minutes once the computer logs in. I've tried another hard drive and it seems to work fine and even with the current hard drive I manage to have...
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    Question Why is my PC (GTX 10606GB I7-4790) SO slow?

    Ive recently upgraded from a 760 to 1060 6gb and my frame rate barely increased when it comes to games. It still suffers from fps going from 100-20 constantly and stutters my game. Im not sure what the problem is, I'll list my specs below, I've had most of these components for around 5 years so...