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  1. S

    Question I7-7700k Still Good in 2020?

    Hi guys! I have had my PC for about a year now, the specs are thermaltake litepower 650 watts Rog strix b350_F mobo Ryzen 5 1400 oc'd @3.8ghz Tforce Delta 8x1 GB 2666mhz Rx 590 2 tb hdd 120 gb ssd 240mm AIO cooling. I want to switch out my CPU because i think its not sufficient to...
  2. Sharkyzane231

    Question PC will not go into BIOS and many other problems

    First off, I'd like to say that this happened right after I tried to overclock my CPU. Whenever I try to boot my PC into the BIOS now, it just freezes on the boot screen and does not load, I need to turn off the PC at the back of it in order to restart it. I have tried to reset the BIOS by...
  3. I

    Question first overclock to 5ghz. can you fail OCCT LINKPACK and still be " stable "occt

    hey guys , i just did my first overclock following the steps on a der8auer video for my i7700k and asus apex ix motherboard (i also have a kraken x62 aio cooler ) so far it seems stable jumping between 4.7-5ghz ( more on the 4.7 side unless its stressed ) at normal idel temps and when i run OCCT...
  4. I

    Question is using an asus motherboard auto overclock really that bad ???

    hey guys, this will be my first overclock. I have the i7700k with the asus maximum apex ix. id like to just use the auto overclocking feature to 5.ghz becuse obviusly this will be super easy but people on an unrelated post had mentioned that those profiles will use high voltage. is this really...
  5. R

    Question i7700k temperatures ok?

    Hi all im confident that im well within a safe temperature range just wanted to run it past the forum first. i have a nagging voice in my brain that wont disappear until i get some opinions ^^ PC - Mobo - MSI z270 gaming m3 CPU - i7700k running at 4.5ghz Ram - 16gb ddr4 3000mhz GPU - 1060 3gb...
  6. Xalcreated

    Question Are these temps normal with this CPU cooler?

    Hey guys, so... I just got the Pure Rock 150W TDP CPU cooler for my i7700k. The cpu is running at stock clock speed (4.2ghz) and it's default voltage, yet I hit a temp of 70 degrees in heavy games, especially in Sea of Thieves, which is a game I play a lot. With Intel Turbo Boost off I can...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Best CPU for my MSI H270 Tomahawk Arctic?

    Im using this above motherboard and want a CPU upgrade. Im currently using i5 7400. RTX 2060 MSI twin frozr I can use AMD or intel. Why is i7 7700k SO expensive? T_T
  8. P

    keyboard messed up

    I turned in my laptop and the keys weren't responding on my login screen so I restarted. And now they are all functioning as my screen change button. Every key is acting the th+f4