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  1. M

    Question i9 10900K - Alarming idle temperature. (No spikes)

    As of today, I noted a sudden an unexpected dip in performance, likely due to thermal throttling. I do not routinely monitor system temps, although I probably should but upon checking I noted a temperature of 97-98°C which took me by surprise to say the least, especially as the PC is basically...
  2. Luciferian666

    Question I wanna buy a PC soon

    Hello I will buy a PC soon with these specs -i9 10900K -32GB 3600Mhz RAM G.Skill Trident Z -MSI 850G Power Supply - MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WIFI -MSI MAG274R2 -MSI RTX 4070 -SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 1TB -Seagate FireCuda HDD 4TB - Lian Li UNI FAN SL-INFINITY 120 x2 - Lian Li LI PC-O11 Dynamic EVO...
  3. Crimson Morrow

    [SOLVED] i9-10900k constant temps jump from 70 to 80 ?

    So I ran into an issue with my 10900k (OC 4.8ghz) where sometimes it would run normally at 70c but then after some time i would run the test again, and it would go up to 80 degrees. This issue was not present before. I tried reapplying thermal paste (4 times in two days already). I also tried...
  4. V

    Question Computer shutting down as if the power was cut off.

    Hello, I purchased a computer from a local business with 50+ 5 star reviews. I considered buying a pre built but elected to support someone local, now I am starting to regret it. The owner, who I will call Jim, built the computer for me and helped me every step of the way and went above and...
  5. Magolas

    [SOLVED] My i9 10900k is overheating, sometimes 100 Degrees C at 28% use

    So around February this year I got my pc and at first it was okay, everything worked fine and I did not notice any performance issues until last month, a red LED turned on every time I was playing a game like GTAV and Valorant, In those and many other games my fps was just so bad I used to get...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] 3090 under performing warzone

    Hello i have a 3090 and its only performing about 20% better than my 1080 i had... this cant be right. Specs: MB - asus rog max hero vii Ram 32 gig dominator 3200hz cl 16 GPU asus rog 3090 CPU I9 10900k Cpu AIO nzxt kraken z73 PSU 850W corsair i have checked cpu and gpu are not thermal...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] i9 10900k running hot with h150i elite water cooling

    Hello everyone, I just finished building my computer. Unfortunately it turns out the CPU is running crazy hot and I am at a loss here. I received a warning the CPU was overheating and the temps were 80c+. Took the cooling block off after that, checked the pre-applied paste that came wieth the...
  8. C

    Question GTX 970 not working in new build

    Alright so never really posted on a forum before but I seem to be out of my depth on this one... I recently had an issue with my old pc build that prompted me to upgrade some pieces my GPU was not one of these pieces as it was working great previously. New pieces are as listed. Mobo: Asus...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] Needing help with i9 10900k cooling :(

    Hey! This is my first time wielding such a powerful CPU and I was wondering if my Corsair H150i pro xt is enough ? I expected temps to be lower because I saw on many videos that the same cooler + cpu combo achieved 65-70 Celsius avg in 1-3hrs of Cod Warzone. I played my first hour of Apex...
  10. noGachaLuck

    Question [Help/Advise] i9 10900k CoreV at 1.34V and CoreSpeed 4.9Mhz (on 50%load) Do I need to undervolt?

    hello, I just build a new PC and I am facing the following problems. Please note no OC has been done. Everything is straight out of the box. BIOS setting on Auto (no XMP profile even activated) When playing games or doing light load work I noticed my Core Voltage rise to 1.34V and all Cores...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrade advise

    I’m currently thinking of upgrading my cpu (currently got a i7 7000k, RTX 2080 Super). Platform is used mainly for gaming. I'm in two minds if to upgrade to the i7 10700k or the i9 10900k) £200 in difference between the two. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. R

    Question Help, please? Which high-end CPU should I buy?

    Hello, friends! I want to ask this community for some piece of advice: I do NOT know what to choose from (I live in Romania, we have RON currency, but I'll convert it to EUR and USD): i9 10900KF (472 euro, 573 USD) i7 10700KF (349 euro, 423 USD) - I WANT THE KF VERSIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAPER...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] What is a sufficient CPU for the RTX 3080

    I have an I7 7700k and was looking into buying an RTX 3080 for 1440p 144hz gaming, i'm just not sure what would be the best CPU for me. I have an ASUS Maximus IX Hero and 32gb of ram. Any suggestions?
  14. JoeDeluxx

    [SOLVED] CPU choice in view of current core utilization

    I'm running a financial program (Tradestation). Looking at the detailed CPU panel on the Task Manager, I conclude that it utilizes ~ 4 Cores max (out of the 8 available on the i9-9880H). When I choke up the system with lots of calculations, the system gets very laggy but I still see no action...
  15. Viocristi

    [SOLVED] Power button doesn’t do anything

    Hi, I built a new pc. Didn’t do much cable management in the back of the pc because i wanted to test it first. I installed windows and few benchmarks and 2 games, the pc was running. today i got a fan splitter for the aio fans and installed that. Powered on the pc was in windows, keep it open...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Best Cooler for i9 9900k

    Hi all. Planning an i9 9900k/10900k build. Need some ideas for a good quality cooler that will keep thermals as low as possible. Would prefer liquid cooling due to the planned 'RGB' look of the PC. Was leaning towards the H150i, happy to hear any alternatives. Thanks.