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  1. B

    Question What is a sufficient CPU for the RTX 3080

    I have an I7 7700k and was looking into buying an RTX 3080 for 1440p 144hz gaming, i'm just not sure what would be the best CPU for me. I have an ASUS Maximus IX Hero and 32gb of ram. Any suggestions?
  2. JoeDeluxx

    Question CPU choice in view of current core utilization

    I'm running a financial program (Tradestation). Looking at the detailed CPU panel on the Task Manager, I conclude that it utilizes ~ 4 Cores max (out of the 8 available on the i9-9880H). When I choke up the system with lots of calculations, the system gets very laggy but I still see no action...
  3. Viocristi

    [SOLVED] Power button doesn’t do anything

    Hi, I built a new pc. Didn’t do much cable management in the back of the pc because i wanted to test it first. I installed windows and few benchmarks and 2 games, the pc was running. today i got a fan splitter for the aio fans and installed that. Powered on the pc was in windows, keep it open...
  4. C

    Question Best Cooler for i9 9900k

    Hi all. Planning an i9 9900k/10900k build. Need some ideas for a good quality cooler that will keep thermals as low as possible. Would prefer liquid cooling due to the planned 'RGB' look of the PC. Was leaning towards the H150i, happy to hear any alternatives. Thanks.