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  1. I

    [SOLVED] PC freezes and needs to be force shutdown (Games/Benchmarks)

    Hi, so I spent the last 2 days and nights trying to fix my custom built pc and I don't know what to test anymore. The main problem is, that the PC freezes while gaming and one time after a benchmarktest. When the PC freezes, the capslock light won't light up when I press the key, the PC won't...
  2. scass0807

    Question Previously stable overclock no longer working Intel i9 9900k on new rig. Damaged CPU, motherboard?

    Hi I recently built a new pc around June 2019. After the build I overclocked my CPU to 5 ghz. The overclock worked for about six months but a few weeks ago when I tried to start up CoD MW the system just restarted no BSOD nothing just a restart and all fans and lights remained on in the system...
  3. M

    Question AIO Cooler broken?

    Hi guys, built my pc yesterday with this Corsair H100 RGB Plat AIO but it doesn’t seem to be working. Can’t feel any vibrations and cpu (i9-9900k) is getting to 90c in about 10 mins. My case is a NZXT H510 Elite Mid. the pump is plugged into a Sata extender Plugged into cpu_fan but have tried...
  4. lucasesquivel308

    Question Help me pick my Motherboard (i9 9900k)

    I am considering upgrading my cpu to an i9 9900k. I'm not really familiar with motherboards so I was hoping I could reach out here to get some insight. Currently I have an i7 7600k with a H110m-a (micro atx) MB. CPU: i5 7600k Cooler: Dark Rock 4 Motherboard: Gigabyte H110-A Case: NZXT 500i RAM...
  5. S

    Question Windows 10 Installation error new build

    Just finished a new build. Here are the parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ssBXgw i9-9900k Asus Z390 Maximus XI Hero Wifi Corsair H115 RGF AIO Cooler 2080 Super 32GB 3000mhz Corsair DDR4 Ram Corsair AX760 Power Supply Samsung M.2 970 evo Computer turns on, no error codes. I put in (have...
  6. 9

    Question i9-9900k not showing all process cores

    Just upgraded my computer, Motherboard: asus z390-f Gaming CPU: Intel i9-9900k So the installation went well and things are working, my bios shows 8 working cores all enabled with hyperthreading enabled aswell. But my taskmanager says I have 4 cores insteed of 8. Someone please help!
  7. V

    Question Overheating CPU(i9900k) in bios

    Recently i built a custom gaming computer, i used it for a couple of days everything was fine. However today something weird has occurred. while i was playing a video game, within 30 minutes, the CPU temperature reached 99 degrees Celsius. I restarted my PC. i got an error message that says...
  8. Zigorov

    Question Overclock I9 9900K

    Hi everyone. I overclocked my cpu to 5000mhz and with occt stress test about 30 minute everything is ok max temp is 65-70c. After 1 week im trying do strees test after 2 minute cpu is overheating goes up 91c. Can someone help me do overclock? Thank you. Pc Spec Cpu - i9-9900k Gpu - Asus...
  9. W

    Question New PC Build Not Displaying Video

    Just bought new PC parts for a gaming build. I put it all together, and I turned it on but I'm getting no display. There are no postcode beeps. I have lights on my MoBo, lights on my RAM, my water cooler fans are spinning, my case lights are on. My graphics card however does not have lights or...