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  1. C

    Question IBM System x3850 x5 How can i solve this problem?

    Hello guys I have a System x3850 x5 from IBM Now its running with 4 2.5'' SAS RAID 5(300GB per HDD SAS), and there are still 4 empty intetnal storage drives that i didn't use to upgrade my storage Last week, it became nearly full. So my boss request to upgrade the storage. So now, this is my...
  2. Question IBM System x3950 M2 - DIMM on Memory Card is affected

    Hello, I have an IBM System x3950 M2 with 128 GB of memory. The system boots up fine but I have a few errors at the boot process. Just this means that the memory is corrupted, but somehow the system still manages to boot?
  3. vikas027

    Question IBM System x3950 M2 - Cannot find hard disk

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to install Proxmox VE on an IBM x3950 M2 server. I have cleared all partitions and created a RAID 0 using all the available disks. But when I try to install Proxmox using the CD ROM, it cannot detect any hard disks. I am kind of new to physical servers, what else...
  4. News IBM Quantum Computers Reach a New Performance High

    IBM announced that its quantum computers have doubled their "quantum volume" every year since 2017. Read more here. LUCIAN ARMASU @Lucian Armasu Lucian Armasu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software news and the issues surrounding privacy and security.
  5. S

    GPU Temp Confusion after water loop

    I had a question about the current temps I'm seeing in my water loop in regards to my CPU and GPU. Before I had this custom loop I had a corsair h115i Premium (280mm)  going to CPU and the combination of the Kraken G12 bracket and a Kraken x52 (240mm) going to my GPU (1080ti). Temps at idle was...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Solid State Drive

    My budget for a new ssd is 100, I'm new to SSDS and hoping I can get a new good one with my budget and can someone explain how the ssds speed up boot up and loading time thanks
  7. N

    sapphire rx 580, need psu

    hi, im new and a pc noob. I wanna upgrade my pc. I wanna buy a Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ but it has 2 power connectors and my current psu corsair cx430 is too weak anyway. So what psu do i need? i thought about buying a corsair tx550m but i dont know if it has the power cables to support...
  8. P

    How many fans does my Gigabyte-AB350M-HD3 support?

    Hi, I wanted to ask how many fans can my MoBo - Gigabyte-AB350M-HD3 support? It doesnt matter if its 4-pin or 3-pin i dont want to control RPM. Thanks a lot for all answers :3
  9. N

    New Build Keeps Restarting Before Anything Comes On Screen

    I've just built my first pc but when I am trying to boot it up the fans spin up and there is usb power but after 10-15s it will restart and do the same thing. Ive tried taking the cmos out for a couple of mins then putting it back in, Ive tried each ram stick in each slot. I'm unsure of what to...
  10. F

    Just a quick answer

    I have 85 dollars to buy a used graphics card in Ebay, so i found a Asus Strix gtx 950 2GB and a EVGA gtx 760 SC 4GB, i really want the 760 bcs is 11+ better than 950 and cheaper, so the problem is that my PSU just have a 6 pin connector, and 760 needs 6+8 pin, can i buy an adapter for the PSU...
  11. L

    Probems with some keys in Lenovo Ideapad 700

    For some time some of the keys in my laptop keyboard refuse to work at random times and those are always the same keys in the row that starts with 'A'; 'G' and 'H' always work but the rest of the letters and ';' randomly stop working. When they do refuse to work I just hit them randomly and...
  12. M

    Should i buy my Gpu From newegg or amazon? 60$ Difference Newegg cheaper

    So guys i've realised that newegg Sells cheaper Gpu's than the ones from amazon, is newegg safe??? or do they sell defected parts, should i buy from amazon or newegg? i really dont mind paying an extra 60$ for knowing that it will be alright
  13. T

    New Gaming Build! (For reasonable amount)

    Hello, Please assist me in putting together a reasonable priced PC gaming rig. I was looking around 1k if a little less that be nice but 1k would be the most I would want to invest (unless there is something greater in this gaming world I might miss for not going with a 5k build). I would...
  14. sammiokas

    Is this the best setup I could get?

    Hello, I was wondering about my setup, and is it the best one I could get for around $1300? I have no idea what cpu should I get, should I get the i3-8350K or a i5-7600K? Also, should I overclock the cpus? I don't really have much knowledge about computer parts, their prices and the best things...
  15. A

    GTX 1060 6gb or 3gb AN i5 3570k?

    Hi, so I want to upgrade my system for gaming. These are my current specs: GPU: Gt 610 Cpu: i3 3240 3.4x2(2 cores, 4 threads 3.4Ghz) Ram: 12gb ddr3 1400mhz Storage: 1TB MotherBoard: Asus H61 M-K PSU: 550 watts Rated Silver Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit I would like to upgrade to a...
  16. G

    Alienware 17 HDMI IN Monitor Brightness

    I have an alienware 17 that i want to use as a monitor to play ps4 games on. However, when i do, the screen is really dim. Even when i use keyboard shortcuts to up the screen brightness to maximum, it is only like 30-40% of the max brightness as when i use my computer normally. Is there a way to...
  17. D

    PC going into black screen when resuming from sleep mode. Win 7 64

    So, after getting hit with a huge electricity bill I figured running my pc 24/7 wasn't the wisest. So I figured sleep mode would be the best when not using it. Problem is that sometimes (maybe 50%) the computer will not fully wake from sleep mode. The PC switches on and either goes straight to a...
  18. M

    PNY SSD issues anyone got an answer for this?

    So pretty much this has been racking my brain for the past couple of weeks. I have an issue where my PNY CS1311 240gb SSD will just randomly crash my entire PC, then on the reboot it gives me the error of no boot device available. Well to fix this I've found to take off the case panel, go to the...
  19. K

    My computer keeps disconnecting from my WiFi and when I try to reconnect it will not accept the correct password

    I tried to manually connect to the network but it still keeps saying my password is incorrect and it is not. After creating the wireless network connection the wireless connections says “the settings on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network “. If I remove my...
  20. O

    Wi-Fi speeds and uses

    Does anybody cares about wifi speed when choosing a mobo? Can anybody use wifi to connect when downloading drivers for a pc or anything like that? What's the benefit of wifi in case if I am using just an Ethernet cable during gaming or benchmarking?