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    Discussion Crazy Idea I want to work

    I live in Sri Lanka where high temperatures and higher humidity make cooling extra hard, I already have a h100i pro with 4 fans (push-pull) and my i5-7600k still sits around 80-85°C under load. (It revs all the fans up to maintain this btw) I want a quieter solution. My idea is to build a custom...
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    Windows-Drive Not Ready:

    Yesterday the mini laptop Acer Aspire One couldn`t start booting,I tried F8 safeboot also when I tried to formatt with " Windows 7 formatting USB " the process stuck before showing me the Repair option ,at last I tried with Hiren`s Boot CD (Mini XP) and it displayed me this message : "...
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    Freezing during certain games My computer seems to freeze into a blue-ish screen (not BSOD - see here) when, from what I can tell, playing DayZ; both the Mod and the Standalone. This has happened only recently and I think it is due to me updating my graphics card...