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  1. iSpextor

    [SOLVED] The Rig of your Dreams

    Hey guys, I don't have a problem right now but I do need some of y'all's opinions :) As the title says, I would like to ask y'all to come up with your Dream Rig and choose components for it. Short Explanations for why you'd choose it over smth else would be great as well. The Setup's intended...
  2. D

    I want to install larger memory card on my android phone

    I have a Samsung J 5 with 8GB memory card. I want to know if I can fit a new 32GB card to this phone and keep the data on my phone, if I can ,then how can I do this please. This phone still on contract but it expired last month, I don't want to spend a load more money on a Samsung 7, as apart...