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  1. J

    Question Recently upgraded laptop RAM, system seems to be performing worse

    Have a lenovo ideapad S540, that has 4gb soldered ram and another 4gb stick by default. The manufacturer has stated that you can have up to 12GB (so change the stick to an 8GB), but other users have managed to upgrade to 20GB successfully (so changing stick to a 16GB). I have changed my stick...
  2. S

    Question Lenovo Ideapad freeze even on BIOS screen

    Hello, I have problem with my Lenovo Ideapad 5 15ARE05 (Ryzen 4700, 16GB RAM, Win 11, no dedicated GPU). Laptop was turned on a desk with only browser opened, I didn't use it for around hour and a half and screen just got all messy and turned off. So I had to turn it off by long press of the...
  3. I

    Question Moving or replacing SD slot on Lenovo Ideapad 3i

    I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 3i, and i like to have a 256GB SD card inserted into my laptop that acts as "permanent" storage so that I can keep my work on an encrypted removable device, even though it is almost never removed. It's a bit idiosyncratic but it's what I like. Anyway, the Ideapad has a...
  4. secretknowledge

    Question Interfacing with trackpad

    Recently I have been working on salvaging parts from an old broken Lenovo IdeaPad. A model S145-14api I believe. I have been working on connecting to its track pad to my computer. I have taken the track pad out of the laptop and identified the solder points for its ribbon cable. They are as...
  5. G

    Question ctrl and /?° keys stopped working in ideapad s145-15iwl

    I know a new keyboard for this laptop is cheap and I'm pretending to buy a new one, but before I'm looking for understanding what happened and if there isn't any quick fix for it. The ctrl (there's only one) and the /?° key stopped working intermittently (always together), and it seemed like...
  6. M

    Which of the following laptop models will be faster?

    Which of the following laptop models will be faster? And why? Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Intel Link Core i5 10300H (2.50 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 4.50 GHz) DDR4 4GB 2933 MHz 512 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB) Dell Inspiron 14 - 5410 Link Core i5 - 11300H 8GB, 2x4GB, DDR4, 3200MHz 512GB...
  7. E

    [SOLVED] Secure Erase M.2 SSD on Lenovo IdeaPad L340-17IRH Gaming

    I want to sell the mentioned laptop, but before I do I would wipe its original SSD drive clean and reinstall Windows on it. I found that some Lenovo (including IdeaPad) laptops have a Secure Erase option in the UEFI settings, but this specific model does not seem to contain that option. At...
  8. Wolfmeister97

    Question Graphic card on notebook

    Hi! I just bought myself a new laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 3 - 15ARH05). I installed all the drivers (also I downloaded Lenovo Vantage and made a BIOS update). I installed GeForce Experience and so on. But the problem is that the dedicated GPU (GTX 1650) isn't enabled/activated and I don't know how...
  9. John Lewis 323

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Z580 ram upgrade

    Hello guys I have a z580 laptop with i7 3632qm and 8gb ram and I want to upgrade my ram to 16gb it is possible? Thanks
  10. rushrage

    [SOLVED] Adding a second drive to Ideapad 720s (15")

    Hi guys, I've done desktop builds before, but never anything with laptops. I want to add another drive to my Ideapad 720S (15") - 81AC0008US, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. In the little manual for the laptop is says, "M.2 SSD / PCIe 3.0 x 4" Does that mean I have 4 PCIe slots...
  11. wildfrog2000

    [SOLVED] Is 45% NTSC coverage bad?

    Hi I am a student looking to get a new laptop. Currently I am looking at the new Lenovo Ideapad 5 with the 4000 series AMD chips in them. The hardware looks great but the display is described as having 45% NTSC coverage. All the work I will be doing will be programming and terminal based, but I...
  12. B

    Question Lenovo Ideapad Y700-14 Intel AC 3165 upgrade compatibility with Intel AC 9260

    Hi all, I've got a Lenovo Ideapad Y700-14ISK with an Intel AC 3165 wifi card in it. I'd like to upgrade the card if possible. Can I upgrade to the Intel AC 9260 or will I run into issues because the AC 3165 is 1x1 and the AC 9260 is 2x2? Cheers!
  13. kenzy9

    Which Lenovo ideaPads compete with HP ProBook 450 G6 (& G7's)? I'm looking for a new laptop and have narrowed down to HP PB450 or...
  14. S

    Question When I plug my laptop in (or I want to start playing any music \ video that has a voice), I hear the electric spark sound from my laptop. What should

    Question When I plug my laptop in (or I want to start playing any music \ video that has a voice), I hear the electric spark sound from my laptop. What should I do? I have Ideapad 500 15-acz. Please help.
  15. yalhmr

    [SOLVED] Will opening Lenovo laptop void my warranty?

    Hello. So I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 131(817h) a month ago from a certified retailer, and it worked fine until yesterday when it just halted and wouldn't start back on, and the left indicators wouldn't start neither, so I took it to that retailer this morning and he said that he was going to take...
  16. B

    Question New 500GB SSD Windows 10 setup takes forever.

    After installing a brand new SSD in a Lenovo ideapad Windows 10 setup takes forever just to boot, took about 1 hour to install. Once installed I checked the cpu temp (65c) and ran RAM check (passed). Tried with different memory's and a new SSD, same problem. What is causing it to be so slow?
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14, what will it run? Got an offer on one for studying, would like to play a bit on it too.

    Greetings. So i got an offer on a Lenovo IdeaPad 100s 14". I'm gonna start studying again in August, and therefore i need a laptop for it. The thing is, in August Classic WoW will come out, and i'm planning on playing it. You guys think this laptop could muscle it? Thank you! Appreciate the...
  18. S

    Question Will my laptop handle these games?

    So i have a Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch screen i wanna know if it will handle these games: DiRT 4, GTA IV And GTA V, Minecraft, BeamNG, CSGO, Garrys Mod. I'm not very good with PC's as I'm new to it all. Spec Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch 1920x1080 Touchscreen Intel Core i5 4210U 1.7ghz turbo boost...
  19. A

    Question Seeking suggestions for lenovo Ideapad z470 with faulty motherboard

    I have Lenovo Ideapad z470 which is non-responsive on pressing the power button. I had once repaired its motherboard which again went to the same state within a week. It's out of warranty. Lenovo denied getting it fixed(even with payment since as per them this model was never launched in India...
  20. N

    Help my CPU is overheating in bios

    I installed my system recently it's a i7 8700k with the corsair h100i v2 it had pre applied thermal paste. So I installed it and after booting up the PC I look in my bios the CPU temp is rising 1 degree at a time it reached over 80 C so I shut it off immediately so I thought maybe the thermal...
  21. J

    Can I run windows 10 on my dual opteron 6344 server cpus?

    So I won these opteron 6344 cpus on eBay for 10 euros and after looking them up I noticed they have 12 cores each, so I want to use them on a windows pc. Can I just install windows 10 on the system with both opterons? I’m asking this because I haven’t baught the motherboard yet and if I can’t...
  22. N

    gpu problem ?

    hi i bought a new pc only bios and instaled win 10 1050 ti ryzen 1400 8gb ram sometimes it crashes(says watchdogs timeout) and i cant install my msi vga driver (i download it from my cd but when i restart my pc it seems it didnt install it and under my manegment devices/display adapters it...
  23. R

    Corsair Force MP500 128GB or SAMSUNG 960 EVO 500GB for operating system?

    I have both of these M.2 drives Corsair Force: Samsung 960 Evo: My motherboard appears to support both of these M.2 drives running at once. Motherboard MSI Z270...
  24. M

    Building a PC for the 1st time, would love some advice on current build!

    Hello, I am building a gaming PC for the first time. Basically I want to run my games at high quality with great performance. I want to overclock the CPU if it provides better performance. However if I do this I'm not sure if the CPU I picked is necessary for this, maybe I could have gone for...
  25. S

    Usage and power problems with new gtx 1080

    I just installed a new 1080 in an old HP 8200 elite with an i7 2600. In certain games (Ghost recon and ryse son of Rome) I will hit a voltage limit while using only 60% gpu usage and gpu power. In ghost recon lowering the settings from ultra to very high will boost to aprox 80% each. In other...
  26. F

    System will not boot

    Hello, I am an experienced PC builder and with my most recent build it refuses to boot. When I power on the PSU the power button on the case has its LED light up and the LED in the back of the case on the Ethernet slot lights up as well, no LEDs on the motherboard though. I tried shorting the...
  27. S

    I hope I picked the right one... SD CARD QUESTION

    What will happen to my SD card that is formatted as my internal storage, if I hard reset my phone?
  28. S

    First gaming pc build

    My budget is 48k can anyone plz suggest me the parts for high settings gaming thank you
  29. B

    Problem with HDD size after formating

    hey guys !i have a Seagate 1TB HDD, a couple days ago i formated my PC, and i noticed that when i installed windows and everything.. my Disk local disk showed that i have 488GB instead of 1TB , i have no idea where the other half went, is is this a common problem ? how can i fix it ?
  30. T

    Asus blank screen, works only on external

    Hi guys, that's my first post here. I have a problem with my ASUS A54C laptop since a month now. It was flickering a lot, so I was moving the video cable behind the screen as a temporary solution. One day I was doing that and my laptop shut down. When I turned it on again, I had nothing on the...
  31. N

    no video displaying, but power come on with audio working

    Our PS3 is approx 2 years old and the video is no longer displaying, but the system is coming on and I can hear the disc spinning. I have replaced the HDMI cable but that has not restored the video from being visible. Are there any recommendations on how to fix the video? Thank you!
  32. A

    Help me choosing a monitor

    After searching for the best 27 inch monitor for the money, I have narrowed my search to 2 Monitors
  33. J

    Work server from home PC

    I was wondering how to go about connecting to my work server from home. I am using windows 8.1 and I have IP, server name, admin account and pass. But when I search networks on my pc it doesn't show up. Ive tried following some online instructions but they make no sense. Any help is appreciated...
  34. O

    Should I Switch Motherboards in Order to Have an AMD Processor?

    OK people, I've got a tricky decision to make. I've been looking to upgrade my desktop, and wanted an AMD A-8 Quad core processor that clocked in at 3.8 Ghz ( $90 bucks on Amazon). Unfortunately, I realized my motherboard couldn't support AMD processors, only Intel (Using a H81M-K motherboard...
  35. R

    New build computer sounds alarm during load tests.

    I just finished a new build, and I'm getting an alarm sound (constant uninterrupted beep 10-15 seconds long) anytime I load the system. All new parts: MB is Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 4) AMD FX-8350 8 core 4.0 GHz Black Edition (cooled by Cooler Master Seidon 240M) Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 4GB...
  36. B

    Capturing a document image with my computer camera,?

    Hey all...I need to capture a document image. I know how to use my computer camera, but, is there a way to lay down the document and capture the image? Instead of me trying to do so holding the doc up and trying to capture? LOL turns out it doesn't work so well! half of it! I...
  37. F

    Will I have any compatibility issues with this system build?

    Hi Everyone, I'm building a new PC and as a first-time system builder I have a few questions, mainly about compatibility. First off, this is my build: CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K MB: ASRock Z87-Extreme3 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 760 2GB (N760OC-2GD) Case: Cooler Master Carbide SPEC-02 Black (CCSPEC-02)...
  38. N

    I had Windows 8 and I format to win 7 I want to return to Win 8 + multiboot

    I had Windows 8 and I format to win 7 I want to return to Win 8, I still have the serial code of Windows 8 how can I return to windows 8? I want to do multiboot with Win 7 & 8.1, I already made The partition.
  39. M

    In a desktop, how to replace (2) internal WiFi/Bluetooth bracket antennas with (2) black external antennas?

    Have HP desktop with wifi/bluetooth card attached to mobo (NOT to a PCIe x1 slot). Card is Dual-Band WiFi "N600", and Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.0 (2) cables run from wifi/bluetooth card to (2) tiny metal brackets (internal antennas), and (2) wires from each cable are soldered to the little...
  40. A

    No Sound Coming from Headphones or External Speakers ?

    It's happen when I try to replace internal hardisk cuz it broke.I had to have everything re-loaded onto my laptop (windows 7). Now everything thing works except my speakers, or even headphones on the front plug. I have made sure everything is plugged in correctly, turned on, all the volumes are...