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    [SOLVED] Why is my disk going to 100% when downloading ?

    The problem is in the title. I had many problems with my disks (like it running at 100% in games) i fixed this problem by uninstalling Geforce Experience and disabling SysMain. To try to fix the download speed, i reinstalled windows (not formating it) and the problem still occurs. I think it's...
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    [SOLVED] Screen freezes kind of randomly.

    Ok sorry if I break any rules or anything this is the first forum thread I've ever made. I am having a huge problem with my pc and I've troubleshot almost all of my hardware. Basically, i boot up and my computer will run pretty well, but randomly (usually within the first 5-10 minutes) the...
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    Question I hear a wierd whoom sound from my system

    I hear a wierd whoom sound from my system not that loud.I also can feel a little vibrate from that sound on the case.I thought it was COIL wine or something with the fans but idk what it i also been trying to record it for you to hear it but my mic cannot catch the that sound for some...