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    Hello, I need help. A year ago I bought a rx 570 armor oc. The gpu used to have much fewer degrees during rest and under load. Now the gpu has 55c at rest and 60 to 80c under load. Is this a normal ?
  2. [SOLVED] i7 6700 idle temp 60 degrees

    Hello! I was just wondering if its normal that my CPU (i7 6700) idles at around 60 degrees... My room temp is currently around 26 degrees . I have heard that 6700 usually idles at around 35 degrees and I have no idea why is my CPU twice as hot. Im using a pretty big cpu cooler with a heat sink...
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    Question 50 degreeswhile idle

    I have an i7-4770k and ive noticed today MSi Afterburner displays my cpu as being anywhere from 50-60 degrees while idle. I don't think normal, especially with it being watercooled. A normal idle temp is around 35c for me.
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    My MB shows CPU red light after shutdown and causes problems

    Hello, so two day ago I bought one case fan, thermal paste and canned air. My PC was working great before, I applied new paste, connected new fan and sprayed my case with canned air (it liquified at some moments). After this my MB started behaving weird, status leds were on. PC didnt boot, but...