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  1. PleaseHelpCPUstuck

    Question i5-13600kf does not clock down | stuck idle frequency ?

    Hello, I need help with my CPU: i5 13600kf on an Asus Z790 Strix Gaming H For some reason it does not properly downclock and it is stuck at 5.1 ghz for the p cores and 3.9 ghz for the e cores almost all of the time. Very rarely some of the cores would shortly clock down to 800 mhz but go up...
  2. Brandon__Dev

    Question Quadro 4000 stuck on idle clock speeds ?

    My Quadro 4000 is stuck at idle speeds, or at least I think so. MSI Afterburner shows 50 MHz on core and 135 MHz on memory. I've overclocked this card. Sometimes it randomly goes back to its max clock speeds. My Specs: Intel Core i5-10400 16 GB RAM 3200 MHz NVIDIA Quadro 4000