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    Z87 BIOS Update prior to using the i7 4790k

    Well, Basically, I put together a build ( ) and I read info about the ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer, and I saw that I'll have to update BIOS prior to using the i7 4970k. So, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to update it without the cpu, so...
  2. G

    How To Get Files & Settings Transfer Wizard to Transfer AL..

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) I'm moving files/settings from one laptop to another. Each has XP Home with a single login (Paul). I used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to do this. The problem is that some settings and files such as the...
  3. G

    Daily Restore point?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) Is there a way to have a restore point created daily upon first bootup (I turn my system off each night). Thanks!
  4. J

    HDMI stopped working on my PS3

    I've been using an HDMI cable on my ps3 for over 8 months now. It worked perfectly until now. Once I plugged into the t.v it said there was no signal. I tried it on my other 2 t.v's as well. It worked on my google t.v and that's about it. The t.v that doesn't work on is a view sonic btw.
  5. DroidHisoka

    please please help how to setup two routers with different security in the same modem, in our flat we have a wifi, but since,s

    Please help how to setup two wifi routers on the same modem
  6. G

    VPN - IE CStarts to load page and times out?? MTU??

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?) I make a VPN connection(full T-1), using IE it starts to display the page and then times out. This works with another PC. Both systems are XP Pro. If going directly via the LAN Not using the VPN IE appears to...
  7. A

    Toshiba windows 7 boot disk download

    I have a toshiba laptop that I got in June 2012 for graduation, and I tried cleaning my hard disc about 2 nights ago, and when it was done, and it restarted a screen popped up saying "Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 083) Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller...
  8. G

    PC to TV

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Ive just tried to connect my pc to my tv but I dont seem to be getting a signal, I have svideo to scart connection. the scart goes into the scart2 port on my tv, but when I switch to AV2 I get a black screen. is there...
  9. A

    Are these components compatible with eachother?

    Hi, ive just put together a pc which at a cheap price but for gaming. Me and my friend are fairly sure these components work together however could you please tell me if they work together just to make sure, thanks. Intel Pentium G3220, S 1150, Haswell, Dual Core, 3.0GHz, 1100MHz GPU, 30x...
  10. akensai

    Multiple GPU / Monitor Question

    Hello, Currently I have 2x 7970's crossfired running 3 1080p monitors. As you'd expect there is quite a drop in performance in most games due to the extra monitors being utilized at the same time. So I am curious about an idea I had. I plan to have my 2 7970's refunded within the next week or...
  11. G

    Take a 5471 apart?

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq (More info?) Hi, A friends PC has got trashed and I am unable to install windows again. before I use the Restore CD I need to backup their data. Tried Laplink in DOS but this will not work. Compaq support suggested that I install another HD with...
  12. G

    Inspiron 8600 caddy & HDD

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Recently bought an 8600 from Outlet - great machine, great price. I'd like to be able to back up to another HDD, and also to be able to use the new HDD in the Inspiron. Is this feasible, and any recommendations for drives & caddies...
  13. G

    BW Only Officejet 6110

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?) Interesting dilemma. Officejet 6110 produces fine color photocopies but regardless of settings, prints only in black and white. The driver has been uninstalled and re-installed from the most recent downloaded version. Any ideas how to...
  14. F

    MBoard replacement for essential 866

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 (More info?) A friend has an essential 866. After a power failure in his area, the machine will only boot to safe mode. Someone has looked at it and told him he has a blown capacitor on the motherboard. The tech says he can see that the...
  15. G

    8300 dimension

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi All, Was Wednesday the last day to order an 8300 Dimension? I had an emergency and by the time I checked back the 8300 was removed and replaced by the 8400. Thanks John
  16. T

    sabertooth 990fx r2 no access to BIOS

    Hi. Just bought a sabertooth 990 r2. The problem is that it locks up when I try to access the BIOS. There are 4 ways of getting to the BIOS; hitting del key, hitting f1 after mem check, using the direct key, and using the desktop program that comes with the board. All result in a blank screen...
  17. G

    Dimension 2100

    Archived from groups: (More info?) My Dimension 2100 currently has a Celeron 900 in it. The fastest cpus it can handle are the Cel 1.1 Ghz and the PIII 1 GHz. I would think the PIII would give me more bang for the buck. My motherboard will not support a Tualatin. I'm...
  18. T

    E-mail tto small

    I can hardly read this! Everything is too small... window size & print in E-mail
  19. C

    How to get your computer out of hibernation mode

    My new HP desktop is in hibernation mode and the monitor displays a message that says it can't come out of hibernation. What can I do?
  20. K

    My CD Drives have vanished!

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) Hello all, hope you can help me. My CD and DVD drives have vanished! I'm sure it's all my fault but anyway. In the device manager there are exclamation icons next to both drives confirming the drive status as having a...
  21. S

    presario 5012 freezes

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq (More info?) Hi all my daughter's computer started freezing while watching a DVD and now no matter what the task it freezes. I've used the recovery disk and it still freezes. I took it to Best Buy and they say it could be anything but dont give a...
  22. G

    Would a Tyan Thunder i7505 mobo fit in a Dell 1600Sc Serve..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I've got an opportunity to buy a Dell 1600SC server case cheap. Could I fit a Thunder i7505 mobo in the case with the port access in the correct positions? Being a dual server case, its got to be either an OEM or Intel board. Of...
  23. H

    Need wifi drivers for dell xps m140 windows 8

    where can i find the wifi driver for my dell xps m140????
  24. K

    pc really slow

    Hi i have a pc at work and for some reason it is really slow. I have installed Adware and have ran that a few times. a few spyware was found deleted but still the pc is slow. I think it may be the network card so i disabled it from the device manager (is that the same as takin it out from...
  25. S


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize (More info?) Every time my computer either shuts down or I reboot, I get a message "Previous resume from hibernate failed. Press enter to return to Windows." Then I press Enter and it says, "Returning to Windows." It never just opens...
  26. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) Im a lvl30 controller and I was happy to defeat ba lvl 31 Tanker in the arena last night.(even though I could not blind him.)But when I got out my stats where still 0 wins and 0 loses. ABRAKADAKRA lvl 50 controller Abra Kadabra lvl 30 controller
  27. P

    clicky items

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Clicky items are a lot of fun, if not always lifesaving. Stuff like Swift Boots, Helm of Fire, Gem Studded Leather Belt, Gauntlets of the Sea are just plain fun and cool, so what if they aren't uber. Especially if you can craft them or buy...
  28. S

    BLACK MS Elite keyboard

    Can anyone help me find a BLACK Microsoft Natural Elite Pro ???? I have searched all places I can think of on the Internet, and I can not find a black ms elite keyboard! Any help would be deeply appreciated!!!! Please email with any info. Thanks, John
  29. N

    D200 focus confirmation ais lenses

    Hello, I have a Nikon ed Nikkor 600mm f4 IF lens ais (no vr or auto focus). Which dslr will work the best with it specialy correct metering and focus confirmation thankyou Nico South Africa
  30. G

    No websymbols despite _NT_SYMBOL_PROXY and !sym prompts

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello Experts, I'm using WinDBG ( and have trouble loading symbols from the web. I am behind a firewall, so I set: _NT_SYMBOL_PATH=SRV*C:\WebSymbols\* m/download/symbols...
  31. M

    Sony VX 1000 on XP not recognized

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, I am running Win XP with Service Pack 1 installed. When I connect my Sony VX 1000 via firewire (I tried three different cables) NOTHING happens. I plug the Camera in and really nothing happens. I tried everything: Turn...
  32. G

    Move hard drive to new system

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) I moved my hard drive to a new system and now the system just reboots to the screen that says the previous boot was unsucessful. Select bootloging, vga mode, last known good configuration. Whatever I select, it just...
  33. G

    Forced Logon after installation of .NET

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?) I installed the Microsoft .NET framework, Version 1.1. Now I'm forced to log on each time my computer boots although I have only one account. Is there a way to tweak Windows to log on automatically?
  34. G

    CD-ROM Drives show as "Unknown" in Device Manager!

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) This is one of those bizarre situations where all my CD-ROM drives appear at the bottom of the Device Manager listing as UNKNOWN and should be shown under the heading CD-ROM Drives! Tried restoring to earlier config 4 times...
  35. G

    media player history?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) If you click on the "file" button on the taskbar of the Window Media Player, at the bottom there is a history of video files viewed. For security there a way to clear that list? Thanks
  36. G

    Automatic Modem Disconnect with Remote Desktop

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?) I am running into an issue where a system I am working on remotely automatically disconnects the modem when I log out of Remote Desktop. The problem is that this system has services that require Internet access. When...
  37. G

    desktop folder

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?) Hi all, How do I create a blank shortcut folder on my desktop. I would like drag about ten related shortcuts into this folder to clean up my desktop. Thanks ! Monty
  38. G

    HP 722c printer blurred and smeared since XP

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?) An elderly friend of mine just had XP installed on his older Compaq computer. He is still using the HP 722c printer he used with win 98. Since installing XP all his copies are blurred and smeared. We have cleaned the heads...
  39. B

    Outlook express 64 bit download

    Where is the Download for the Win7 OUtlook Express program for 64 bit?
  40. G

    Lexar card reader won't work

    Archived from groups: (More info?) When I plug my card reader into my usb port I get a message that reads- Hi-speed device plugged into non high- speed usb hub. I've tried serveral Microsoft updates but nothing has changed