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  1. DREDKNOT_2077

    Question TINHiFi T2 Plus an schiit audio magnius

    can i power the TINHiFi T2 Plus B089ZZ6PXW off my schiit audio magnius with out blowing them if so would low gain be just right id like some good iem's for good listening an decent noise blockage as when someones got...
  2. T

    Question Iems for fps games

    I've been looking for good iems for fps games. I commonly see people recommending blon bl03, tin t2, kz zs10 pro, kz zsn. Which in the ones i mentioned should i buy? you guys can recommend other iems too if its within my budget range. My budget is around 40usd currently
  3. A

    Flash drive write protection software

    I have a Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 (32 gb) and there is no physical write protection switch on the flash drive. When I plug it in, it immediately tells me I need to format it before I can use it. So I go to format it and it tells me I can't because it's write protected. I've read everyone's...