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  1. V

    Question igpu and Dgpu at same time

    hi. i have two motherboard. b250 and b660 and two 3060ti. today i opened furmark on my b250 one and noticed it shows two gpu . a 3060ti and a intel HD 510. BUT on my b660, there is only one GPU and its a 3060ti. how so? how can i enable my iGPU on my 12th gen motherboard? by the way, both CPUs...
  2. MagicEmperor07

    Question Amd radeon graphics 448sp vram issue

    So, few days ago I changed my laptop paging file value from automatic to 512mb then I restarted windows. After that I noticed that my igpu vram is changed from 2gb to 512mb which is now causing bottle neck while playing games. In order to reset it's value I again changed paging value from 512mb...