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Forum discussion tagged with ihatemylife.
  1. sendhelppls

    Question My RAM went from 8gb to 1.5gb, what just happened?

    Hello, i need help or someone to explain to me what is happening. IDK how to start, but after i installed windows from the 8gb(6.9gb usage), the ram just cut of to like 5gb without the usage thing,just 5gb. I was confused and thought that there is something to do with the drivers so i did all...
  2. D

    Cant reach BIOS

    Hi all, My old motherboard died recently, as the VRM MOSFETs took too much heat. I have since taken all of my parts apart from my CPU to a store for testings. They all posted and came out fine. I have recently bought a new motherboard, and I have just installed it into my case with no...