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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Adobe illustrator / Photoshop

    Hi, please suggest the best version of Adobe for a low-end PC. Quad-core 4Gb Ram Gtx650 Windows10
  2. R

    Purchase Laptop for Graphic Designing & Gaming

    Hi I intend to purchase a laptop in a month or so. My Budget is around 60-80 thousand Indian Rupees. I usually game AAA titles now and then (Custom - High settings) but not full-time. Im looking for a laptop that has good colour accuracy, and good graphic card and can handle tasks like blender...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] What GPU should I buy?

    Hi. I need recommendations for a GPU to run Illustrator, Photoshop, the whole Adobe Package. The specs are the followings: HP Elite 8300 CMT 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR (I think 1333 MHz). I have 2 slots empty. i5 3470 The motherboards is HP E93839, supports 32 gb max ram and has 2 PCIex16 and 3 PCI. I...
  4. C

    Question laptop for autocad

    i7 9750H + gtx 1650 OR ryzen 7 3750H + gtx 1660ti for autocad photoshop 3ds illustrator etc?
  5. W

    Question I really need help finding a good monitor (I'm getting seriously stressed out!)

    Why I'm upgrading: I only want dual-monitors. I had this but then one broke. Sadly the monitors I own aren't really available anymore, so I can't replace the broken one even if I wanted to. They're super old anyways. The color accuracy is non-existent and they really make my eyes hurt so I'm way...
  6. L

    Question Windows booting into Automatic repair.

    Hello, Since an update I think my system has ran into a few Boot Errors. Sometimes when I start up the PC it goes into automatic repair mode. In there I can't do anything with the tools. It says it logged it somewhere what went wrong, it was not logged when I checked it. To get it to work again...
  7. R


    #8 Hi and how are you all thank you in advance in in sparing me the time of your day to look into mine, so here goes! I am interested in getting MICROSOFT ESSENTIAL and i wanna know the down right basics of what to know about it money wise as i only wanna use it for home use and access outside...
  8. K

    Can I use some tape on the motherboard ?

    I swapped my wireless card with a new one and I successfully installed the antennas and etc...however I am afraid the sockets may come off later on...I have decided to apply some tape on the antenna sockets..I have also decided to tape the antenna cables to the laptop case... I am intending to...
  9. T

    Help with PSU choice

    Hi there ive finally bought the parts of my first ever build and im quite confused with what PSU to choose from. This is my budget build btw I5 8400 Msi b360m bazooka Zotac 1050ti mini 4gb 2x4gb kingstone hyperx fury 2400mhz 1tb hdd 120gb ssd Now, i dont know how many watts of psu i should...
  10. G

    Nasty Spyware Infects 11 Million Users: What to Do Now

    Researchers have discovered a number "browser extensions and mobile apps" that are invisibly collecting the browsing history of over 11,000,000 users Nasty Spyware Infects 11 Million Users: What to Do Now : Read more
  11. G

    Want to upgrade.

    Im thinking of upgrading the rest of my computer i upgraded the tower and power supply and to me it feels like i could upgrade more. here is my build. If there is any upgrades needed Ryzen or Intel processors are both fine or if gpu needs upgrading AMD or...
  12. J

    Can I move my iPhone 8 to an iPhone 10 chassis?

    Can I move an iPhone 8 into an iPhone 10 chassis? Thanks for any help :) much appreciated.
  13. onii_chan

    cpu fan headers.

    Is it possible to connect the cpu fan to a other 4pin connector which is not labled as CPU_FAN? Does it effect temperatures? I have mine connected to a header named CHA_FAN1 because I haded to connect my case fans to it or else my gpu would bend the cable to much.
  14. B

    i7-8700k at 85C under stress test, is this temperature ok for cpu?

    My i7-8700k OC @4.9ghz under stress test is around 80C-85C, when gaming is around 50C-65C, when idle is around 37C-40C. Is this temperature normal for cpu?
  15. W

    Looking for PC upgrade.

    Hello, this is my first time asking this kind of question so please bear with me patiently! I'm just looking for a better overall experience while gaming. Intel Pentium G4560 Kaby Lake 2 cores 4 threads 3.5GHz BOX cooling MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2xfan, 1xradiator MSI H110M PRO-D 8GB RAM 1TB HDD...
  16. M

    3.5 Hard Drive Issue

    Desktop inspiron 580 factory fitted 1tb hard drive saying self monitoring system has exceeded parameters in it's normal range and causes issues when booting up, quite prepared to buy a new drive if it's needed but not 100% sure I have a second drive fitted in desktop as backup for music and...
  17. jkoster941

    Sensitive Multimeter needed for project

    Does anyone know of a reliable multi meter whose voltmeter function can read single digit milliVolts (mV) accurately? Some multi meters I see online have a range setting that says 200mV, which I would assume means it can read mVs up to two hundred on the lowest setting, but I want to be sure I...
  18. X

    How to overclock AMD E1-2100 APU CPU? (1 Ghz)

    My school laptop had a AMD E1-2100 APU clocked at 1 Ghz. I wanted to overclock it for like 2 years now but couldn't find somthing that could help me with it. http:// Here are the specs, thank you in advance.
  19. S

    Lenova laptop can't get started

    My Lenova laptop 80JY can not get started. With battery adapter plugged in, after press the start button, no power-on indication, no screen shown. It happens all of sudden unexpected. Please help. Steve
  20. A

    Putting a server fan into normal PC.

    Hello, I got this HP 631571-001 HEATSINK/FAN from a friend and appearantly its a server fan so I wanna ask how to put it onto my computer so it would work, it has four screws which are 8cm apart from each other and my socket is AM3+ which has holes for screws 10 cm lenght and 5 cm width also the...
  21. M

    i7 6700k and GTX 1060 6gb runs bad on BF1

    i am running i7 6700k water cooled, GTX 1060 6gb from EVGA 16gb DDR4 ram and plenty of storage space on HDD with SSD for OS. windows 10, 1080p monitor, in BF1 i run at 50-60 fps on low settings and even lower on higher settings. my i7 is overclocked to 4.4 and 1060 is stock standard my cpu and...
  22. B

    How is this for an upgrade?

    I am thinking about upgrading my cpu but to do so I will need a new motherboard and new ram, what do you think? My build right now: Motherboard - H97M-PLUS (SOCKET 1150) CPU - i5 4430 @ 3.00GHz OS - Win 10 Ram - 16gb DDR3 GPU - 1x gtx 650 1x gtx 970 New: Motherboard - ASUS PRIME...
  23. L

    Gtx 1050 and ati hd 8570D

    Hi, so my problem is that i have installed and running the gtx 1050, i open Gpu-Z and it show me that the integrated hd 8750d is running, and my ram is 8gb (7,20 usable) i cant have the 8 gigabytes because of the integrated grapichs?? Sorry for bad english xD
  24. H

    'Metro: Exodus' Trailer Reveals Fall 2018 Release

    The latest game in the series will have you lead a group of Spartans in search of a new home. 'Metro: Exodus' Trailer Reveals Fall 2018 Release : Read more
  25. M

    Zotac gtx 1070 amp or 1070 ti mini?

    Zotac gtx 1070 amp or 1070 ti mini cost almost same in myplace. Which should i go with.
  26. S

    Lower Than Average FPS GTX 970

    I am getting below average FPS. I have done a clean install of Windows and have tried resetting, adjusting power settings and updating my drivers. I have made sure my resolution is correct and turned off DSR. My rig is as follows: Strix Geforce GTX 970, Intel Core i5-7500 @3.40GHz, GIGABYTE...
  27. I

    Recommend Me A PCIe Sata III card

    Simple request. I often write elaborate posts explaining what I want and why but this should be simple enough. I have a z620 with only 2 Sata III ports and I need more. I also need it to reliably handle being written to and read frequently and under heavy load as I run simulations and render...
  28. M

    Question about WiFi channels

    Hi everyone. I have few problems understanding WiFi channels. I'm talking about 2.5GHz channels. I'll be glad if someone can help me with these: 1) why we say channels 1, 6 and 11 are non-overlapping WiFi channels? Doesn't channel 6 overlaps with channel 5? If we are saying it because they...
  29. A

    Reliable Hard Drive (Personal Use)

    I am looking for a drive that is reliable to slip into my PC. It isnt for backup but storing mass video files for storage. This drive seems really reliable according to tests I have seen. Only its an enterprise drive. If I am just storing files will that matter? I plan on moving files I edit...
  30. E

    Noctua D14 vs D15 vs Cryorig H5 vs Be quiet Dark Pro 3

    That is the question. Wich one do you recommend and why? (Cryorig R1 is not in the list because I can't find it in my country) This is my build: I7 7700k (I read they are a bit warm) Ballistix Sport LT 64gb (4x16gb) (They are low profile, right? GA-Z270x-UD5 Coolmaster Silent Pro 600W Thanks!
  31. E

    Preinstalled Win.10 to 7

    I just bought a new hp notebook. And it has a pre-installed windows 10. I was hoping if there was a way i could replace it with windows 7. Keeping in mind that the latest drivers might be a problem. Thanks.
  32. T

    Solid Color Crash Locks Up and Freezes

    My PC constantly crashes onto a solid colored screen and sometimes will, and sometimes won't play a stuttering sound. I've have installed more case fans to improve air flow as well as buy a new PSU and load all my games up onto a new SSD, but my PC is still crashing. My Specs are i5 6600k RX...
  33. Space Marine

    (Sold) CPU/MOBO/RAM/GPU (Sold)

    ] (Sorry, not good at posting pictures on threads yet) Just upgraded my computer and I am looking to rid my closet of some parts! Parts are as follows! Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero (SOLD) CPU: I5...
  34. J

    Where To Mount Fans & Radiator In Fractal Design S Case

    I am currently building a new water cooled system (my first one!) and am trying to come up with the optimal setup for my fans and radiator. I have the Fractal Design S Windowed case, which has space for the following fan placements: TOP: 3x 120mm fans FRONT: 3x 120mm fans BOTTOM: 1x 120mm fan...
  35. C

    How to connect my adsl 2+ wifi router/modem to wan port?

    My modem/router is Netgear DGN2200 V3 that I bought when I lived in Australia. However, my new apartment has a wan port, so how do I use my router? I'm thinking about using this cable...
  36. nVidia_

    4k monitor / 1440p 144hz / 1080p 240hz ?

    Hey guys i recently bought geforce 1080ti + ryzen 7 1700x and now i want to get better monitor than the one i have now (1080p 75hz), since my build can achieve mad FPS :) So i was thinking, i already have 55inch tv that i can hook up to my pc and play some games at 4k with my joystick, but i...
  37. R

    Cooler Master hyper 212 Led Turbo with S340 elite

    Hello All, I have a CPU cooler, the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 LED Turbo and I'm planning to buy an NZXT s340 Elite for my next build. The cooler has a height of 163mm and the advertised cooler clearance for the s340 elite is 161mm, are these two still compatible? Now before you start calling me...
  38. B

    My build. Thoughts? So there is my current build I'm working on so far. I have already bought some of the parts but they haven't shipped. I'm on a budget and am trying to make every dollar count. I'm just curious is the graphics card decent? Enough ram or should I go for...
  39. markbrownn

    Best gaming mouse for CS:GO less than $40

    Currently I am using Logitech G300S. It is going good but can anyone suggest me a better mouse within my budget?
  40. TaintedGG

    iMac Memory Different Speeds?!?

    Hey Guys, My parents are still running a 2010 iMac i5 I believe with merely 4gb (2 x 2gb pc3 10600) of ram. I see ram is always extremely high on usage but I can't justify spending $95 on 8gb of ram to boost it to 12gb. So I've been searching online for second-hand memory and I'm thinking of...