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    Question Ambitious n00b with a grown-up bank account

    Hi all, So I'm getting into this as a hobby (I've decided) and I'm going to start building my own gaming rig that can also act as a media center for different rooms... I got the idea from a piece I read about a multi headed gaming system...
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    Question Ping +1000 when joining a gaming server

    Hi, so recently I've come across this issue when trying to play online games. The games that I play are CSGO and Apex Legends (Only play these two games, not sure if it will happen on others). So I either play on a 4MBPS ADSL Line or Fixed LTE (usually around 20MBPS), don't worry fibre is almost...
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    Question Cougar panzer max fan controller

    So I just got my new case but I'm bewildered as to how I connect the fan controller. The only cable running from it is a sata cable and 3 fan connectors. As of now I have the fans directly connected to the MB but am I supposed to connect the fans to the fan connectors from the fan controller...
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    blue screen on install win 7

    Its a new pc i build myself and i am trying to install the OS win7 but i get the blue screen after sometime. Would the cd cause it?