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  1. Vatanaz

    [SOLVED] About imgur

    Greetings! I apologize if the question is not in the appropriate topic. And so, I upload the picture to the imgur site, copy the link to it i.imgur....png and put it in the discussion thread of some forum. Then, after some time, I follow the link to the imgur site where my picture is posted and...
  2. K

    How to upload and link pics on Tomshardware

    I wasn't sure where to post this thread, I couldn't find a category that fit. Anyway, I wanted to know the easiest and fastest way to share pics on Toms. I uploaded some to imgur and then when I tried to post them in a thread I was creating, it just kept telling me an error has occured. Contact...
  3. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Creating a Win 10 Image for PC Deployment

    Hello everyone. How do I create a Windows 10 system image for deployment to other PCs? I looked up videos on YouTube showing how to do this, but some of these videos seem to show the process being very long and complicated, using tools (MDT for example) that are unfamiliar to me and sound hard...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Copying Files Problem ?

    I was in the process of copying image files from my PC to a USB stick (for back-up) and everything was going fine until about 75% complete when I received notification that said 'the file has properties that can't be copied to the new location' and 'Are you sure you want to copy this file...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Missing Images ?

    I have a folder on my PC entitled 'Art & Photography' in which there are (or should be) 1160 images in alphabetical order. However when I tried to access the folder today only images up to the letter 'F' were visible. When I click on Properties it says there are only 753 images but then the...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] What is the Best Duplicate Image finding software?

    I have a great number of photos taken over the year's (1,000,000 plus). I know that several copies of image directories exist in my files but they have all been merged. I'm looking for the fastest, more accurate image Duplicate detection software. Currently I'm using AllDUP using a P'hash...
  7. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Simplify Process of Creating Golden System Image

    Hello everyone! Recently, I've been looking for some type of software that allows me to create a customized version of a Linux distro along with my settings and tweaks made to it. In my case for multiple computers, what I've been currently doing has been a two-step process: #1 - I deploy a...
  8. System32_76

    [SOLVED] How To Create Golden System Image Correctly on Linux?

    Hello everyone! I'm creating a Linux Mint golden system image with my apps and settings already configured for deployment to multiple computers. I'll be using the Clonezilla software to do this, unless there is software out there that is more effective and practical for this purpose. Are there...
  9. anik6699

    Question Photos corrupted after moving file in a low space external hard disk

    I have some hundreds and thousands of photos in my external hdd, now my space is only 150 mb left . I need to move some video my files for my personal reasons, so after completing moving those files I found some of my images are corrupted. But I am not totally sure my photos got corrupted after...
  10. N

    Question files in sd card are damaging rapidly

    Today i noticed that some files in sd card are damaged . It happened two weeks ago too.some Images and videos were damaged and can only see their thumbnails. some Apk files were damaged too. What can i do for this issue ?
  11. Question OneDrive messed my images up?

    I had OneDrive and instead of trying to figure out the program and have it stop hiding my documents, I ended up uninstalling it after copying my stuff back to My Documents. However, all the images that I had aren't previewing properly. See below. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. W

    Question Images/ Files not displaying on desktop

    Hi, Whenever I download an image from the internet or I take a screenshot and chose to save it to desktop, I have to wait like 5 minutes before the image will actually appear on my desktop so I can access it. I have an ok gaming pc which runs games well so this is a bit of a shock after all...
  13. M

    Searching google images by GPS coordinates + search result

    Hi all, Might not be the best place to ask this (welcome suggestion for more suitable forums). Does anyone know a method for searching google images based on EXIF data, in particular coordinates? I have the coordinates for my new house, and I’d like to see if there are any photos on google...
  14. thunder0024

    [SOLVED] Pictures disappeared after update 1909

    I hate to post again, but here it goes: After having a rough time updating to 1909, I'm finally here and aside from a few visual changes nothing happened. I just checked my "Pictures" folder in Windows Explorer, only to find that they're all gone and replaced with a few empty folders (Camera...
  15. C

    In-Desk Computer - Heat Concerns

    I've been toying around for a while now with the idea of building a custom desk with my PC integrated into it. I've watched some videos and read some articles of other people's experiences doing this - one trend I've noticed is that everyone seems to simply attach their components to the desk as...
  16. S

    Help with first pc build Are there any changes I can make for a cheaper build? Its my first one. Shooting for 1440p but Im now starting to think of going for 1080.
  17. P

    Computer freezes to multicolored static then goes black. Occurs when playing games

    While playing games, the computer randomly freezes to a multi-colored static screen then soon after goes black. The computer continues to run but no video appears until a manual restart.. This can happen between 10 minutes to an hour of usage. Audio can be heard for about 5 seconds before I have...
  18. R

    Dell laptop reset

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to reset my laptop to factory settings and I searched up how to do it. I was following the steps to reset the laptop when I encountered a problem. First I start the laptop, then at the dell logo I press F8, then I enter the menu and I click 'Repair your...
  19. K

    NZXT H440 and R9 390 high temperatures

    Hello Everyone, I have the NZXT H440 and the ASUS STRIX R9 390 graphics card. My concern is that with no obstructions in the case the graphics card gets to 90 even with 100% fan speed. The case has no fans obstructed and I can't add any fans to the top panel (I have a AIO water block there...
  20. A

    Motherboard Size compatibility with Graphics Card

    Q : Is my Motherboard ga-h61m-ds2 compatible for the graphics card asus gtx 750ti 2gb ddr5 oc (2 fans) Motherboard : GPU : To be precise about the problem I was wondering the...
  21. Shlutka

    Need A Work PC Build

    Hi, soon I'm building my Uncle a PC for his work, his price range is $350-$500. He will use the PC to mainly use simple programs such as Microsoft Word, Power Point etc, and browsing the web. Obviously he doesn't need a beast PC for these tasks, but he would like it to be quick and snappy. So an...
  22. H

    Bizarre hardware problem causing restarts under load

    I've tried several games including Battlefield 4, Metro 2033, Kerbal Space Program, and also refreshing my "Windows Expreience" rating. All of these cause a grinding beeping sound to come out of my computer after 15 seconds to a minute. The monitor will shut off and my computer will...