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    Question Ipv4 imaging mass amount of Lenovo 300e's, Some getting stuck on Lenovo splash screen and not getting added to AD

    Im having trouble with my Lenovo 300e's getting stuck on Lenovo splash screen and not getting put into Active Directory. Im using Monoprice USB 3.0 to Gigabit adapters and installing the windows 10 image over IPV4. Out of 30 computers, 10 dont go to login screen and don't get added too SCCM or...
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    144hz or 75hz

    Hello, i need some help from you guys, i mostly play Wow, Wot and some Fortnite. Is there any good budget monitor you can suggest for me? I don't know real difference in these games between 75hz and 144hz monitors.
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    2011 Macbook Pro

    So recently I switched from Android to the iPhone 7. Weirdly I quite like the experience of using an iOS device and I decided to make a virtual machine running OS X. Again, I quite like it. I should be starting university later this year and chances are I'll pick up a 2015 MacBook next year or...
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    Looking for a game/edit computer

    Sorry for my english.. guys i need your honest opion is this a good deal?.. it will be $1500 because i got a discount coupon.. i change the mob to Msi m5,Gpu to Msi 1070 and psu to evga 600 bronze..cost me around $1587..
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    PXE : Reboot and select proper boot device.

    Desktop - Lenovo thinkcentre 0806-C5U Yesterday i took out my Harddrive and i put it back in to then come and see an error saying reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key_ I don't know what i did wrong, this is my first time removing...
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    Best 144hz Monitor under $300?

    I've made the jump to 4k with this AOC monitor, and it's build and image quality are exceptional for the $279 I spent on it (and Tom's Loves it:,4575.html) Though, I am now tasked with needing an adjustable second...
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    Best gaming-rendering laptop

    I Want a gaming rendering laptop i would like to have a normal screen(about 15 inch )gonna go to school away from home so i will need it and i already have a desktop (i built it last week for about 11.000 dollars) i am gonna do some FPS gaming(COD-GHOSTS,BT4,etc) and i will need a recorder for...