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Forum discussion tagged with Import.
  1. zach_

    Question Tried importing contacts from Samsung to Xiaomi phone, but only names were imported?

    For some reason,importing the contacts to my Xiaomi redmi note 7 phone just imports the names,not the phone numbers. All i did,is export the contacts using the corresponding utility from the contacts app,and then import them using the other phone from the contacts app again. But there are no...
  2. Dollas4Eva_SR

    Question Windows photos app unresponsive when importing photos

    Usually when I import photos from my iPhone to my pc, there are no issues. However, recently, when I try to upload photos, Windows scans all of them and, once it’s done scanning them, it freezes. I feel this has something to do with the fact that I have over 8500 photos on my phone, but in the...
  3. A

    Everything is pausing

    I'm playing pandora, youtube, and my music player all the time and it's pausing by its self and I'm ready to break my phone because of it
  4. B

    GPU problems NEED HELP!

    Hi. I'm sort of new here so I'll be quick about it. Originally my computer would only play league of legends without crashing. If I tried to play a game from steam, I would get maybe 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay (if that) before it would crash. After messing with the clock settings a little bit...
  5. W

    Please build me a 300$ computer

    Not for gaming just a fast computer that can handle windows 8 or 7 please thank you guys, not for gaming just fast web browsing