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    Question Dual 27" 1440p 60hz - Futureproof?

    Hi guys. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to monitors but I am currently looking for a dual 27 inch setup. I use my PC for an equal amount of gaming and work which is comprised of coding, spreadsheets, packet tracer, word documents etc. The problem I am facing is deciding on what type of...
  2. J

    Installing drivers without any USB devices?

    Installed new Mobo, now USB devices aren't recognized. Mobo is a MSI Z10A SLI Plus. Once I turned the PC on it went right to Bios. I enabled fast boot and made sure everything was recognized and proceeded to Windows 7. Everything came up fine until a window came up saying some device hardware...
  3. R

    Good lga 1366 motherboard that supports a i7 920

    My friend has an old dell he wants to upgrade but he cant because the we cant clear the HHD. He needs a mobo that he can use 6gbs of ddr3 1066 mhz. and has to support a i7 920. it could be used.
  4. S

    Will my PSU handle a GTX 1080?

    I'm hyped for the new GTX 1080 but I'm not sure that my PSU is good enough. It's a Corsair GS600, which I believe is 80+ Bronze. I also have 16GB RAM, 2 SSDs and a HDD as well as other small things drawing power. I heard that it draws next to no power but I'm still skeptical as my PSU isn't very...
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    Mouse Isn't Working With Windows!!!

    So I just updated to Windows 10 everything was working fine, and I decided to update a program and it required me to restart the computer so I did. After the restart when I cannot click in anything in the start menu, cannot right click or left click. I can use the keyboard to open programs...
  6. togan

    New GPU won't POST

    Installed GTX 980ti,MOBO VGA LED LIGHT SOLID RED...reseated GPU,nopers. Tried another slot;same result. Fans and Lights are working on GPU,but won't post even to BIOS let alone Windows. Thought GPU was DOA,still have the card but also ordered replacement. So I have two 980ti ASUS/GIGABYTE...
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    Random taskeng.exe popup for which I am unable to find the source.

    I can not for the life of me figure out where this is coming from. It pops up seemingly at random. I have tried looking through Task Scheduler to figure out what it could be but can't find it at all. I am willing to provide whatever information is necessary to solve this, as though it's a minor...
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    What's the Best Way to Set Up Wireless Access Points?

    I'm soon moving to a house where a single router/access point will not be enough. The house has multiple Cat6 ports in the walls, luckily. Our connection comes into the house through a BT Openreach port which looks like a compact RJ45, this is an example...
  9. R

    Acer Aspire v5 laptops

    Does any v5 motherboards fit into one another? if i find one thats for acer aspire v5, will it fit my acer aspire v5-571p-6464 laptop?
  10. U

    my pc is 4 yrs old it has 2 gb ram intel core 2 duo no graphics

    my pc is 4 yrs old it has 2 gb ram /intel core 2 duo /no graphics/ now from 1 month it has been shutting down automatically and restarts what is the problem. help me its frustrating.
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    How do I easily delete nvidia drivers?

    I am upgrading from an Nvidia gtx 750 ti to a gtx 970, and am receiving my card tomorrow at some point. I am wandering how i can delete these old graphics card drivers to ensure that when i install my new card, it wont conflict with my old cards drivers.
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    4790k vs 5820k - Upgrade from fx8120 - gaming, editing and more

    hey ;) ►Question so I want to upgrade from my old fx-8120 to a 4790k/5820k. I mostly play games, but due to my youtube hobby I spent just as much time editing and rendering videos. I also love creating logos, backgrounds, ovelays etc. I mainly use AFTER EFFECTS, SONY VEGAS, Photoshop...
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    Buidling The Best Possible Desktop Under $2000

    Hey everyone! I want to build a PC, and I have a budget of $2000. I can go over this a little also. Based on what you all have used, I would like to have the best possible at everything. I am probably not going to ever OC, if that makes a difference. I am asking since I haven't been very...