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    Question why do my dlink routers need restarting every few hours?

    hello all I am new to the forums. I just bought a dlink 2730U modem+router in India and it stops working after every 5-6 hours. and needs restarting. I had dlink 2750U before this and it also behaved in this manner but it needed restarting every 24 hours. Is it a common issue with dlink hardware...
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    Question Best All-in-one Printer under 10K (India)

    Need suggestion for printer under 10K (India) Date of purchase: within 1-2 days Purpose: -Lot of Printing (mostly B&W) -looking for speed and number of pages If the performance of only B&W printer surpasses the performance of a coloured printer by a large margin I would go for only B&W.
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    [SOLVED] PC under 40K (India)

    Approximate Purchase Date: within 4-5 days Budget Range: 40K INR System Usage from Most to Least Important: Netflix and chill, Gaming, Light work Are you buying a monitor: Yes Do you need to buy OS: No Preferred Website(s) for Parts: e.g.:, (Any website that delivers in...
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    [SOLVED] PC Configuration under 30k (India)

    Need just a balanced PC-No specific purpose. The budget includes the following components- Monitor, CPU, Keyboard and Mouse.
  5. SpicyUwU

    [SOLVED] Build list request

    Hi guys. My budget for a PC is 28,000 Indian Rupees (INR) and for the peripherals and monitor is 8000 INR. And for the I will be buying the parts from a local store in my city. Any powerful gaming (Apex Legends, GTA v, fortnite, pubg, leagues of legend) with occasional streaming, programming...
  6. jonnyguru

    Question Users from INDIA! I need your insight! What kind of plug do you use?

    I get conflicting information from my coworkers in India about what kind of (grounded) power cords they use around the house, and I think it may boil down to whether or not you are in news construction versus old construction or maybe even what region you reside in. Some say they use the BS...
  7. ItsNeilHere

    [SOLVED] Help deciding between two gaming/streaming systems

    I have a PC budget of around INR 38000. I want to build a PC for Gaming/Streaming games like PUBG , GTA-V , etc. I am stuck between 2 different builds , plz help me out! 1st build (Intel Based) i3-9100f ASRock H310CM-DVS GSkill Ripjaws (2666mhz) 8gb×2 Aorus RX570 Seagate Barracuda 1tb WD 240gb...
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    [SOLVED] URGENT: How to upgrade my current workstation?

    Hello. I have been using my workstation currently, which was assembled by myself in 2013. I wish to upgrade certain components of my system to improve the efficiency for professional 4K video rendering (I'm a filmmaker-editor and I use Adobe Premiere Pro). Below are the specifications of CPU...
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    Build Advice I am planning to assemble a new system budget is 860USD = 60000 Rupees Max

    Hello there, I am from India and the prices of PC parts are high here and I have a constrained budget of "60000/-Rupees" which is roughly equal to " 860 USD" .This is the maximum I can spend. I already have a monitor , keyboard and mouse. I just need Info on MOBO, RAM, CPU, GPU,PSU, HDD,SSD ...
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    Question Laptop under 50K (INR)

    Need to buy a windows laptop ASAP. Following are my requirements: -High performance -preferrably HD or above -Slim Design -screen size 13inches or more -Decent battery backup -life of atleast 3 years -available in India Requesting urgent reply. Need to purchase within the next few days.
  11. Screx

    [SOLVED] Best recommendations for a case under 45$ (3000rs) (India)

    I am looking at antec nx100, I think its a decent case. Any other option which would better around the same price range?
  12. P

    31 gb storage too much ?

    So i updated my windows last night and i frequently use disk cleanup and clean system files,when i checked my storage it also showed me 31 gb to remove,it says if i use it i will not be able to restore my windows to previous version.Should i delete it ? i mean its 31gb
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    This is what I see on my laptop ‘select boot image did not authenticate

    Selected boot image did not authenticate
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    wich build is better for gaming , thanks

    hello , i want to know wich build is better for gaming 1) gtx 1060 6gb + +i5 8600k + 16gb ram +msi z370 sli plus 2) gtx 1060 6gb + i7 7700 + 16gb ram +msi z270 sli plus 3) gtx 1070 inno3d i chillx + ryzen 1600x + 16gb ram + asus bm350 plus
  15. M

    Tv keeps turning off and on

    I have a insignia 32" ns-pdp32-09 and it works fine with chromecast but when I hook my xbox one up to it the thing randomly turns itself on and off and gets more frequent the longer it's hooked up. I need suggestions that dont involve the obvious upgrade my tv answer please.
  16. J

    Retrieve history from my internet explorer or browser

    I'm completely computer illiterate. Basically I'm just wanting to retrieve the history stuff I looked at in my internet explorer. Because I had started on something and now can't remember what website or company name so I'm hoping if I just go back and look through the history I'll find the...
  17. S

    i can't get into my profile on my toshiba laptop

    i can't access my profile on my toshiba laptop? it just randomly went really slow one day and i thought it was because of storage so i deleted a few things and now it will not log into my account meaning i can't access my personal photos and documents. i wouldn't mind and would just wipe it or...
  18. B

    no signal on screen.

    My New pc won't boot, the fans start spinning, the led's turn on, i just see no signal on my screen. i have the r5 1600, asus b350 prime plus, gigabyte gtx 1070 g1 gaming and corsair Vengeance ram 2666mhz 16gb. everything bought New.
  19. AtomicSnipe

    Which GTX 1080 is best?

    Which GTX 1080 is best? : 1. 2. 3. I wouldn't mind recommendations of...
  20. D

    CPU going CRAZY have looked at other posts!

    Hi, I have looked at other posts on this topic - cpu revving up really fast on and off all the time....but I don't understand any of the solutions - I am a total newbie/non-tech person. Can someone please tell me what I need to do? HP pavilion 15 notebook windows 10 8GB intel core i5-4288U...