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Forum discussion tagged with information.
  1. J

    Question XFX RX 5700X ULTRA THICC III

    Hello fellow XFX owners or experts. I have a question involving the Quiet Bios Switch, after extensive research I cant find anything about it online explaining the difference in performance. I was hoping that someone could tell me what it does and how much it effects performance and ultimately...
  2. Amatex

    Info Uplay Download Failed Error

    Hi everyone, If you are currently trying to download any game from Uplay and you have been getting the error "Download failed. Please check that you have an active connection to the internet and sufficient space on your hard drive, then click retry to start the download again, or try again...
  3. B

    Question just some advice and information about my build

    My build I'm looking to do just looking for information or advice out there about what graphics card to go for and overclocking potential Artic 750w gaming black Asrock b450m steel legend And ryzen5 2600x Kingspec m.2 512gb special Seagate Barracuda 4tb Gloway ddr4 8gbx2 3200 Amigo RGB 1200...
  4. C

    Question Gaming PC Assistance

    I'm looking to build a gaming PC with a budget of around €700-€800. However I'm new to the PC stuff and have no idea what components to get. As long as the PC can handle games like Doom 2016 or hopefully cyberpunk 2077 when it comes out without exploding or bursting into flames I'll be happy.
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Updating bios question

    So, i have a problem with my GPU performance and i have tried everything possible to get it to work out with no avail, ive read updating bios can fix weird GPU issues, if you're interested in what problem im having, you can check my profile for the other post but thats off topic! I have an MSI...
  6. A

    Best old amd cpu

    Hey guys..... I wanted to ask that which one of these cpu performs the best or is the best... 1- amd a6 6400k, 2- amd athlon 5350, 3- amd a4 7300. Which ones these is the fastest or best..
  7. L

    PCI Or PCI-E? (Please Help)

    Hi, I am very bad with computers and I am lagging a lot on games, youtube and I can not even play 480p anymore :( and I was wondering if this picture is a pci or a pci-e? Any help Thanks!
  8. adamzees

    New PC build need compatible motherboard

    so recently i have taken apart my pre-built computer and am left with the following parts and need to find a compatible motherboard to build a pc with (also a case and power supply recommendation would be greatly appreciated): Core i7 3770 2 x 4gb ram ddr3 (brand not specified) 1tb western...