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  1. Dagoth-ur

    Question Got a HDD that won't initialize, and has no visible space?

    Hello everyone, I hope someone will be able to help me find out if I've bought a broken HDD. Short of it is I bought a HDD, it wouldn't show in 'my computer' yet the docking station appears fine. I can't initialize or do much with it. I'll add some images for context with a breakdown (inserting...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Unable to Initialize SSD. Getting error "A device which does not exist was specified".

    Hello, I have an 89gb .iso game and I tried to install in my SSD which is not my primary disk. After some time, I saw that the install was completed (or closed unexpectedly) but when I tried to access folders and files in my SSD, I was always getting the error: A device which does not exist...
  3. velocci

    [SOLVED] formatting a 14TB hardisk

    Hi all, I popped in my new Ironwolf 14TB hardrive into my win10 machine and the first thing it asks is to initialize it using either MBR or GPT. this HDD will store a backup of my data. Which of those should I choose?
  4. D

    Windows 10 Crashes during driver installation for R9 270x

    Hello, thank you for reading this. I appreciate that you are trying to help. The Issue : My friend gave me his old AMD R9 270x because it didn't work for him, and he bought a GTX 1060 6GB. I tried to use it today, and I am having the same issue that he had with it : every time we installed the...
  5. iforgotmypassword

    Harddrive keeping pc from turning on?

    I have a WD Blue and I plugged everything in and when i go to power on my pc it does nothing. It just stays off. I take the harddrive out and it powers on just fine. I'm not sure what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my specs i7 7000 Evga 980ti sc 6gb 16gb ddr4 g.skill...
  6. canadianvice

    All the BIOS Password threads?

    I'm just curious - is this a legitimately common issue, or is it just a bunch of thieving subhumans trying to trick us into assisting them? What's the likely scenario here?
  7. J

    Help needed for upgrading an my "old" pc

    Hello! So I've been wanting to upgrade my pc so that I could play some of the new games, mainly pubg with my friends. These are my specs: -Intel Core i5 3330 3.0GHz -GA-H61M-S1 1155 DDR3 motherboard -4GB DDR3 1333MHz -GTX650 1GB DDR5 128bit -LG monitor 1440x900 -500 W Power supply I...
  8. C

    Problems trying to get AMD Freesync to work with various games (DOOM, Overwatch, Borderlands 2, etc..)

    Hey guys, i recently bought a Freesync monitor to pair with my MSI Rx 480 4gb. Here is my system as of now: ASUS VG245H @ 75hz with Freesync MSI Rx 480 4gb MSI z77ma-g45 16gb ddr3 1333 RAM i5 2400 @ 3.5ghz Cooler Master Hyper t4 Samsung 850evo 500gb Rosewill green series 630w Freesync is on...
  9. M

    CS:GO on AMD E2 Vision

    Will I be able to run CS:GO on low with +30 fps? I have the HP Pavilion g6 with the AMD E2 Vision APU, 6gb of ram and Windows 8.1. I can run Team Fortress 2 on low with 25 fps. Don't worry I'm saving up for a new pc haha. Thanks.
  10. Arishok N7

    Which company makes the best performance 780 card?

    There are so many different forms of the 780. I might upgrade to one, it's just which one should I upgrade to. It's quite simple, which one will give me the best frames in a game overall.