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  1. J

    Question Reinstalling a partly used ink cartridge

    At my partner's insistence, I tried to solve a print quality problem by replacing the partly used black ink cartridge in my inkjet printer. It didn't help. Now I've got a presumably perfectly good half-used cartridge. I understand that it's safe to keep this -- it won't leak all over my desk...
  2. A

    Question How to reset LC426(XL) cartriges of my Brother MFC-J4340DW

    Hello: In the case my Brother MFC-J4340DW printer will display "Replace ink", how I can reset the LC426 and LC426XL cartridges so the printer will display them as full? Thanks.
  3. A

    [SOLVED] How the Brother MFC-J4340DW printer measures the ink in the cartriges?

    I don't know which board is suitable for this topic, so I put it here. Anyway: I asking this question after buying a new Brother MFC-J4340DW, since its ink cartridges which are of model LC426 looks significantly different than my mother Brother multi-function inkjet printer, that I don't...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] HP 4795 printer prints blank pages - with full ink cartridges

    I've got an HP 4795 printer connected to a Windows computer. This printer has worked fine with the computer for several years. It has fresh cartridges in it and the HP GUI says the cartridges are full, yet it is printing blank pages. I have tried running all the alignment tools in the GUI...
  5. paijoh

    Question Is it OK if I use color printers without color cartridge?

    I inherited a color printer (with scanner) Epson Stylus TX210, with both its black and color ink empty. My question is, since I only print black and white document, will it be okay for the printer if I install only the black ink?
  6. P

    Question Ecotank ET-2710 Ink

    Hi, I have bought a new printer and after installing it, pages come out with a slight mark in the top right. It looks like a liquid and is grey in color. I also noticed that the color quality is quite bad but the black if fine. Is there something wrong the way I've installed it? I got quite...
  7. E

    Question Printer for text, laser of inkjet.

    Looking to buy a printer for my kid who will need to print a lot of black and white text (exercises, graphs etc.). This pinter is supposed to do a temporary (4-5 months) but intensive job (2000 pages). Most cheap inkjet printers used to cause me trouble in the past. The heads clogged (Canon)...
  8. W

    Question Brother printer wont detect ink

    Hello, I have a brother mfc-j6920dw. The problem is that i am using the OEM innobella ink buyed from brother itself. But when I installed it it shows that it cant detect the ink reinstall slowly. This is a new cartridge and opened today. This is happening since I installed the new firmware for...
  9. T

    i5 7500 or i7 7700k

    Hello Guys! I want to build a new pc and i would use it for gaming and video editing and later when i do get better internet also livestream so i know for these things i need a i7 but i builded up my pc price for the i5 build would cost 520euro and for the i7 660euro i dont really know that is...
  10. AshPrime

    AMD Fx - 6350

    Hey guys . I have a question for you . I wan't to uprage my cpu . Im planning to buy an Fx-6350 , 3900MHz, 8MB . It's comes whit a Wraith cooler . I wan't to know if that cooler is enough . I didn't plan any overclock or anything. Or on the other part ther is the 14MB version of Fx-6350 . But...
  11. R

    Display Issues with PowerColor 7870

    Back Story: Bought the 7870 Myst Ed. about a year ago and had display issues after playing a game for more than 30 minutes or so. I ended up RMA'ing the card, but they did not have another in stock, so they sent my a different version of the 7870. Current Problem: Installed the card and it...