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  1. lowjack989

    WTS: Gaming PC components from $25 to $100

    ASUS M3A78-CM $45.00 AMD X4 940 W/STOCK 965 HSF $65.00 HIS ICE-Q4 ATI4870 1GB 256-BIT GDDR5 CORE 750/MEM 900Mhz $100.00 2X2GB G.SKILL DDR2 800 $35.00 OCZ FATALITY 550 WATT PSU COMPLETE WITH ALL WIRES AND CASE $35.00 ACER 18.5" WIDESCREEN LCD MONITOR $60.00 AMD X2 7750 $25.00 SHIPPING FROM ZIP...
  2. R

    Home PC for Sale *if you by Tri State Area*

    Okay here are the Specs: Celeron 800 i815 matx Mobo 256mb PC133 SDRAM 20gb 7200rpm ATA100 ATi Radeon VE - Dual Head Sound Blaster 512 Matx Case w/ 250w PS 32x CD-Rom | 3 1/2 Floppy Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  3. vince2611

    Lookup all the recent post from all sections

    Is there a way that to look-up all the recent post, instead of checking each section and its date?
  4. G

    PIII FC w/ ASUS MB and 128 MB of PC 100

    Looking to sell a PIII 650 FC w/fan and Asus board and 128 MB of PC 100 memory. The CPU is runs at 100 Mhz. The components are about 7 months old and were all retail boxed. The board supports DMA 66 and also 100 or 133 memory. I'm looking for $130 for all, + shipping. U.S ONLY.
  5. J

    P3550e@770,P3700@933, Abit BE6 MB

    Hey all I am new to this forum and actually new to selling things online but this is what I have for sale. I have a Abit BE6 motherboard (with latest bios), Pentium 3 550e with heatsink (dual fan no biggie) that is rock stable at 770, also a Pentium 3 700e with golden orb heatsink that is rock...
  6. B

    How to eliminate very old msgs in searches

    I use Tom's sites all the time and in doing searches I would like to eliminate posts that are quite old. Is there a way to eliminate the old postings? Example, it's almost 2013 and I don't think the posts related to 2005 and earlier really have much use for the topics I search for. How can I see...
  7. V

    Club pogo

    Hello, I purchursed club pogo on 3-12-12 and my status says i am inactive. i get ads with my games. please help me-i have been trying to correct this since last thursday(6-14)
  8. flamethrower205

    Help selling a 1.2 Ghz

    Hi, I just won this 1.2 Ghz T-Bird w/ 200MHz FSB, and since I have the same thin except w/ 266MHz FSB, I think I will try my luck on, selling it for $500. I really could use some tips on making it look really, really good. So far I have that I'll say it's 1,200,000,000Hz, and that the...
  9. G

    Mic choice for drum kit

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm used to tracking 2 or 3 acoustic string instruments at a time in my modest basement project studio. I'm working on a boutique project where the client is contemplating using a very small drum kit (snare/cymbol/high hat/kick). My first...
  10. G

    Is it me or are the forums screwed up?

    I came here to search the forums and the only search I see is the big search box at the top. It's the same one that shows up on every page on the site so it doesn't seem specific to the forums and I don't see a way to do advanced searches or forum specific searches. If I enter something in the...
  11. Rusting In Peace

    Posts have max positive rating of 20?

    I guess this could be posted under the forum or the site. I chose the site simply because voting seems to be used more often there than regular threads. I've noticed on this article that post's positive rating cannot go past 20 votes. Don't really know why there is this restriction but it if...
  12. D

    What the Hell is Going On Here?

    Yesterday morning I got up and turned on my computer, only to find that my monitor wasn't displaying at the correct resolution. I attempted to correct it, but the display options wouldn't let me set it any higher. The more I looked into it, I thought it might be a problem with the graphics...
  13. disease8

    Previous Posts?

    Sorry I know I am probably being thick but how do I find all the previous posts I have made?
  14. P

    Pooup Ads

    Anytime I mouse over a popup ad, I cannot delete it due to the CLOSE button being disabled. I find this anoying and extremely intrusive. Please fix this, as it is difficult to read the article when I have to keep moving the ad out of the way. Thanks
  15. R


    Hello, Can the people who manage this site please stop with the FULL SCREEN ADVERTISING.PLEASE STOP MAKING THE INTERNET SUCK. TOMS IS BETTER THAN THIS. Moderator edit: Posting foul language like that, and in CAPS, is not going to help get your point across. It will only get you banned. Cool it!
  16. N

    Why is the country site so _BAD_

    I'm just wondering how you can pass those google translations on country site. Its not even freakin finnish to be polite. Its just google translations ffs. If your gonna do country translations than please, write in the native language dont use google translations, or please correct...
  17. 7

    Tom's Hardware Sources

    It came to my mind that almost all of news sources are... tomshardware... how's that possible? I visit other websites and without mentioning names, if I was asked to evaluate sourcing the news on tomshardware, I will not hesitate to give the lowest rating. How is that possible...
  18. I

    Hardware Video Encoding

    I use Badaboom on an 8800GT to convert videos for use on my phone, and it's really amazing! I'm looking to upgrade my video card, and looking at a 5770, but don't want to give up hardware encoding. There have been some articles looking at AVIVO, Badaboom, and MediaShow, but nothing that I've...
  19. elel

    What happened to the caption contest?

    Hey, I'm wondering what ever happened to this weeks caption contest, with the fermi grill? Was there some sort of litigation issue? I can find it with the search function, but it returns an error when I click on it.
  20. amdfangirl

    Community change committe

    Hi everyone, I'll get straight to the point. The community manager idea isn't exactly working for us regular forum users. The whole approach that our forum community is at the will of a sole foreigner with hardly enough THG forum experience is horrible. (No offense intended to JustinBlue). How...