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    Question Mouse input delay in Windows and in Fortnite ?

    I play Fortnite competitively and recently after factory resetting pc for another issue, I have had an issue where my mouse has tons of input delay/latency on it making it very hard to aim. For some reason, it feels like the mouse feels less laggy when I just restart my pc but within 5-10...
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    Question Input delay makes my game unplayable

    Recently, after i factory reset my pc, ive been having lots of issues with input delay/lag which is making my games unplayable. im up to date on my windows and driver updates and i have optimized my nvidia control panel and switched my power mode to performance. but for some reason i still have...
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    [SOLVED] Input delay on windows ten after factory reset

    Recently i was having problems with my two monitor set up cos i was making my monitor 60hz so i was forced to factory reset my pc. Having factory reset my pc, I Opitmized it and installed the latest drivers but for some reason when playing games( namely fortnite) I have been feeling a ton of...