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  1. S

    Question bad power issues in house, multiple PCs built and monitors,same problem please help!

    right so, i built my first PC at the start of lockdown, everything was fine, very smooth and perfect. then all of a sudden my warzone bugged out when i changed the settings (blue fuzzy screen on the grass etc). this then effected my other games like fortnite where i had bad input delay and...
  2. S

    Question really bad and random input delay out of the blue

    Hello, this is my second PC ive built and the second time I have had this same issue. everything was running fine perfectly then out of the blue one day I get really bad input delay. feels like im playing on console even tho im at 240hz/fps. also when i lower my refresh rate down to 60hz/fps it...
  3. Sertar on yt

    Question Input delay(fortnite)

    I been using my 1060 about 2years and I only noticed the input lag then I started play competitive in fortnite, I can clearly describe it, but it's feels like my mouse I heavy as <Mod Edit>, unsmooth, delayd. I have 144hz monitor my pc specs : motherboard msi b450m 2, gpu 1060 3gb, 8gb ram(3200)...
  4. S

    Question Input Delay Related to bad house power?

    Been dealing with this weird input lag for close to a year now, the best way to describe it is the mouse doesnt feel 'sharp' in shooting games which puts my aim off massively, it feels like im playing windowed full screen but it clearly says full screen in the game and game files. i have mouse...
  5. S

    Question all of a sudden, really bad input delay.

    I recently built myself a PC, and games have been running fine on it, then all off a sudden my controller and mouse input delay turns really bad. feels like im playing on console. my temps are all fine, and this exact problem happend on my old gaming PC i built. I have hard reset the PC which...
  6. decoyexe

    Question Mouse input delay randomly started happening?

    I dont know when the input delay exactly started happening but it was about 2 weeks ago... I feel like it gets worse and then better and then worse its random. I tried everthing to due with vsync, mouse acceleration, and polling rate... I don't think its delayed it feels heavy or more slow...
  7. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Fortnite Input delay

    I've been getting input delay in the latest fortnite update which was Chapter 2 season 2 (12.00). I tried putting all the settings to low but nothing happened, its not the first time it happened it happened before too but from what i can remember i just resetted my PC completely and the input...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] unexplainable input lag

    im getting input lag in all my games and i have no idea why. Ive spent hours looking up solutions and tried pretty much everything ive seen, still have no idea why. All my nvidia control panel settings are set to low and mouse precision is turned off in windows. Xbox game bar is also turned off...
  9. R

    need help with PSU and GTX 1070 PCEi

    I have a 750w Dell PSU with two 6-pin psie cables. I just bought a evga gtx 1070 SC that has one 8 pin connector. Will one 6 pin connector work, or two 6 pin to single 8 pin converter work? or do I just have to buy a whole new PSU?