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    Question Apex Legends input lag

    I have this annoying "mouse lag/stutters" when I'm in the match (works fine in training mode) i dont know whats wrong I tried disabling origin overlay as suggested, and some other overlays but this random lag is bothering me like hell, internet is fine and other games are working fine too...
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    Question unexplainable input lag

    im getting input lag in all my games and i have no idea why. Ive spent hours looking up solutions and tried pretty much everything ive seen, still have no idea why. All my nvidia control panel settings are set to low and mouse precision is turned off in windows. Xbox game bar is also turned off...
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    need help with PSU and GTX 1070 PCEi

    I have a 750w Dell PSU with two 6-pin psie cables. I just bought a evga gtx 1070 SC that has one 8 pin connector. Will one 6 pin connector work, or two 6 pin to single 8 pin converter work? or do I just have to buy a whole new PSU?