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  1. Question Insignia TV picture intermittently stretching 200%

    My Insignia TV (NS-55D420NA18) is doing some weird zoom / resolution thing. It zooms way in on whatever input device, cutting off more than half of the picture and making the resolution and color poor. The TV will be working fine, and then this happens intermittently. It happens with all three...
  2. Twitch.Yazuzuie

    Build Advice Terrible Situation [Low FPS]

    Hey guys recently I’ve had terrible FPS in csgo around 80-120 in casual and about 150-220 in wingman and I stream a lot. Since my pc is starting to slowly slow down i need a new cpu, but I also don’t have a monitor because right now I’m using a 19 inch insignia tv. So what should I upgrade...
  3. naivettv

    Insignia USB Bluetooth Dongle Malfunctioning

    Last post's responses helped, so hopefully these ones do as well. I just purchased the Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter from Bestbuy, and within about 2 hours I am already having issues with it. When I plug it into any USB slot on my PC, it will work for about 10 minutes then I get a Windows...
  4. F

    Ryzen 3 1300X vs i7 3770 NON K

    How would the ryzen 3 compare to an i7 3770 running at 4.1ghz? Want to know if its an "Upgrade" , i only play video games. Also GPU will be a GTX 970
  5. D

    Why is my airport extreme WiFi so slow?

    Hello, i have an apple airport extreme. When I looked online, people were getting max 500 mbps and minimum 100 mbps. I am getting 40 mbps, RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROUTER. Wtf is wrong with my wifi? I was given something by time Warner, it's an ubee thing. I'm pretty sure it's cable. Idk. Please help...
  6. O

    Is 600b evga enough for gtx 780 amp and i5 2500k with arctic freezer 13?

    I wanted to ask if 600b evga psu is enough my specs are I5 2500k @4.2 GTX 780 Amp 3gb 600b Evga 16 gigabyte ram 600gb 7200rpm Arctic Freezer 13