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  1. S

    GTX960 vs MSI GTX960

    I can get a standard GTX 960 4GB new on eBay for £54, yet the MSI GTX 960 (which is only 2GB) is £160, why is this? Is it worth paying so much more yet it’s 2GB less, I don’t understand the difference. P.S, the standard GTX 960 that’s £54, I don’t know the manufacturer, I think it’s some kind of...
  2. T

    Looking for the best 4k or ultra wide gaming monitor

    What are the best 4k or ultra wide gaming monitor out there
  3. kcarbotte

    HTC Offering Vive Pro Accessories Pack With Controllers, Base Stations

    The HTC Vive Pro is an HMD-only upgrade kit, but you can buy controllers and base stations to go along with it. Though, for the price HTC is asking, you’re better off buying a classic Vive headset with your Vive Pro order. HTC Offering Vive Pro Accessories Pack With Controllers, Base Stations...
  4. N

    Can I play Sims 3 on my Acer Aspire laptop? These are he specs: AMD Dual Core processor A9-9420 with turbo core technology

    Hi everyone, I just got this laptop as a gift but I have been reading different forums and they all suggest that I return my laptop and get something with an Intel processor. Now I have asked a friend who has been in the IT business for over 30 years and he says that with the processor I have...
  5. C

    Acer Aspire One A01 Reset issues

    Tried resetting my laptop and it failed to reset and now I can't figure out how to fix it. It tried to restart and just keeps bouncing back to the Acer start up screen over and over how do I fix this?
  6. rynz101

    2x8 DDR3 in Single channel, 8gb of it is "Hardware Reserved" & 7.94gb (Usable) Help me fix please

    I built a 2nd computer out of my extra parts after upgrading to ryzen. I put together a FX8350 on a GA-990FX-Gaming Rev. 1 with 2x8gb, 16gb, 1600. Installed in slots: A1, B1. Manual says recommended configuration for duel channel is slots A2, B2 but it doesn't really matter because I've ran both...
  7. G

    Does a HP 2af7 Motherboard support an i7-8700k processor

    Does my HP 2af7 support a i7-8700k processor
  8. I

    Got a new gpu but performance in many games went down.

    I got a new Gpu a couple days ago, and Performance in multiple games went way down while others went up. Games that went down: League of Legends Paladins Games that went up: Borderlands 2 Warface Overwatch (still unplayable thanks to constant stuttering) Skyrim My pc specs are as follows: Cpu...
  9. F

    Whenever I touch my GPU's clocking speeds it becomes crazy Vid explains, basicall y whenever I over or underclock my GPU goes crazy. Can't find anything like this on Google. Worth noting is that its not always like this when I start my PC overclocked, but most of the time.
  10. J

    A suitable low profile graphics card

    i have a SFF Omniplex 9020 and I need a low profile graphics card of 2gb. what shiuld I go for ?? Thnkz in advance
  11. E

    Will a Intel Core i7 4790 (non K) fit in a 1151 socket?

    Will a i7 4790 fit in a 1151 socket? I really need a quick reply because the product I'm buying is almost out of stock. Thank you.
  12. H

    Want to know if these components would work if i put them in one desktop.

    I just wanted to know if my i5 2320 would work with a amd radeon Rx 550 4Gb I have 16Gb of ram And 3 terrabyte of space on disks I have 2 spaces on motherboard and space for a 16 x Could this work or do you need more info just ask me. Edit: is it a problem if i run windows 7 on my desktop?
  13. R

    Getting BSOD even after fresh install and RAM replacement

    I have what seems like a unique problem, as I have not found any other postings that have experienced this exact situation or had it solved. I have a new build that has been operating for about 2 weeks. I began experience BSOD upon return from heading to the store. I can boot my computer and...
  14. SoNic67

    AMD GPU Workload settings

    Is there any technical explanation for the "GPU Workload" setting? I don't mean a marketing one based on the name of the setting, I mean a real explanation to what is actually happening inside GPU having that option on Compute, how it is done.
  15. T

    Pc built, but not turning on!

    I have build my new pc, It was finished about a week ago, but I have still not found a solution. The fans and motherboard light up for a millisecond, then stop. When I try again, it just does nothing. Can anyone help? Thanks
  16. M

    Cooler master H500p vs NZXT H700i

    I know the H500P supports vertical gpu mounting but doesn’t include the kit to do so, however I don’t know about the H700i. I’m planning on using 2x 360mm rads. Please help
  17. N

    Hardware reserved dram

    I noticed 12 of my 24gb of dram was changed to hardware reserved. I used to have about 1gb or less in hardware reserve. I tried few things like changing something from regedit.. dont remember but it doesnt matter cuz it had no effect. Tried to check the "use full memory" thingy from msconfig...
  18. R

    Overclocking my i5 4670k

    I have a problem while overclocking my 4670k, even on 4.1 ghz at 1.19v, when stress testing with linx the temperature hover arround 80-85°C with 88°C max, and a restart occured after about 3 hour of testing. Prime95 26.6 blend test temperature is arround 60°C with 65°C max (which test should i...
  19. S

    Which is better? G-Sync or IPS panel?

    Which monitor is better? I have a gtx 1080 and it runs my games at 100+ fps most of the time. The games that I play the most are Dota 2, Overwatch and PUBG. Is is better to go with the 144hz with no G-Sync, thus costing less money or should I just go with the G-Sync monitor which is both more...
  20. I

    lenovo 720-12ikb cursor disappears after unlock with fingerprint

    Hello everyone, i bought today the lenovo 720-12ikb . Every time the pc Locks (either i lock it, either goes to sleep) and when i wake it up with fingerprint the mouse, pointer is disappeared. I saw that the problem is common but didnt find a solution. Any feedback please? Thank you