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  1. Victor_3

    Help with CPU and Motherboard Compatibility At my local store website I saw that this motherboard Gigabyte H110M-S2H Intel H110 SK1151 supports Intel Pentium CPU's, but I wasn't aware that I need to update BIOS. Is this something normal to do or by default is already ready and that warning is more...
  2. S

    Should I Upgrade to CoffeLake?

    Hello, My rig is, İ5 6500 Gtx 1060 6gb Msi h110m mobo So, some games (cod ww2, bf1)are using i5 6500 at %100 and it makes me sick. What do you think about i5 6500's future? Should I upgrade it? Coffe lakes are very good. Thanks
  3. W

    Dual xeon E5-2665 workstation.. is it compatible with a brand new GTX?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build my own workstation and not sure which cpu package would suite me better, the aime is to have an as fast as possible cpu for rendering purpose (3ds max and vray). I am considering using the old xeon E5-2665 or the E5-2680 in a dual processor system since these...
  4. V

    Beginner's Components -New

    Hi EVERYONE! Im new to building PC. If you have 5-10 mins to spare, could you please critique this list of PC components. & I don't know how to find the appropriate power supply :c
  5. O

    Installed new CPU which cause boot loops

    I ordered a q9400 and just installed it into my motherboard but when I start my computer it goes straight into a boot loop, I tested my PC again with the old CPU and it works fine, I have a good enough psu and my motherboard supports the CPU. I already checked for bent pins are there aren't...
  6. A

    good budget laptop

    best traditional laptop under $350
  7. B

    how do i reset my CMOS?

    I believe this is it here and im not sure what i need to do to reset it, any help would be appreciated.
  8. Y

    Just Cause 2 DirectX

    Hi, I'm using directX 11 in my windows 7. I downloaded Just Cause 2 but sfter full installation it shows a problem regarding for directX 10 and to start it with failsafe. Tell me how to fix it and what is failsafe and how can i play this game
  9. 0

    i7-2600 + GTX 980 in 2017

    I've been thinking of buying i7-2600 and GTX 980. I can get them plus everything else needed for PC, including monitor and m&kb, for $700. Sounds like a good deal to me but my experience with computers is very limited. Processor is pretty old but seems to be fairly powerful even today. How well...
  10. Y

    Buying refurbished ASUS ROG: I need Your advice

    Hello everyone! I'm going to buy myself a laptop and I have found an ASUS ROG Strix GL553VD (IPS) at a much lower price than usual. The reason of it's special price is that it had some issues: - it has been bought by someone and returned to the shop within the first fifteen days since buying it...
  11. R

    BenQ xl2411T (144 Hz) occasionally displays "no signal detected", but usually works fine the next day.

    Hey guys. I need help about my friend's BenQ XL2411T monitor, that I recommened for him and helped him buy for about 3,5 years ago. I have had the same monitor for a bit longer than that, but I have not had any problems with it. He to didn't have any problems with it until recently, but this...
  12. M

    graphics card driver update

    I just want to know one thing. I just bought galax gtx 1050. so should i uninstall old graphics driver of gpu before installing new if i get new updates? if yes then how?
  13. P

    RX 580 vs GTX 1070 (144hz 1080p) PLEZ HELP

    Hello! I want to build a new pc and Im between an rx580 8gb(400e) or a 1070 8gb(470e) Im also buying a new 1080p 144hz - freesync monitor g-sync monitors and vega gpus are out of the question because they are expensive. I really dont want to wait for any price drops, release of a 1070ti...
  14. T

    can i increase my processor of hp laotop

    AMD A6-5200 APU with radeon(TM) HD graphics 2.00GHz
  15. T

    Arctic Freezer 7 Pro (rev.1) fit FM2 socket?

    Will the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro (rev.1) fit on a AMD A8-7600 Processor (FM2 socket) I have a spare one that i no longer use due to an upgrade, I was using it on a AMD Athlon x3 450 (AM3 socket) and am looking to use it to replace the stock cooler on my sons PC Thanks
  16. M

    What's the best way to overclock my GPU?

    I'm running an Nvidia GeForce Titan X Maxwell. If I remember correctly from years ago when I overclocked a GPU it was via a program I downloaded. However, being older now and working full time I can afford better components and was hoping to learn the most efficient and safest way to overclock...
  17. D

    Can GPU fit motherboard?

    Asus H81M (Intel H81 Chipset) I'm looking to replace my dead gpu (was 770) with a 1050. Can my motherboard fit the 1050?
  18. A

    Can i play sleeping dogs on readon 5450 2gb

    My pc spec is Pentium g3250 3.2 ghz 4gb ram Readon 2gb ati graphics card
  19. R

    Is the Cooler Master GX750 CM Storm Edition of good quality?

    I've recently bought the GX750 to replace the Corsair VS450. Was it worth the buy, and does it have a better quality overall?
  20. 1

    Completely unusable PC

    So basically, I got windows 10 on my PC even though I prefer windows 7 by a mile. I just thought I needed to get the fresh windows to prevent my PC from running slow or old. So basically, I needed to reinstall everything which was a pain. I only downloaded steam and csgo because I wanted to play...