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  1. P

    Help For Upgrading

    hY Everyone i need a help In upgrading my rig currently i have Intel i7 6700k MSI M7 z170 gaming mobo 16 gb dual channel g skill ram 3200mghz two ssd's gtx 1070 msi gaming x i want to upgrade my pc for 4k video editing after effects and 3d please give me an advice about which parts should...
  2. Ordan

    i cant find a way switch main gpu, help

    I got AMD laptop and it has 2 gpu, one integrated and one normal in it (thousand times better), and i need to switch on the better one but idk how, bios doesnt have switch, amd catalyst and controlls centers doesnt work, power managment and controll panels in windows doesnt work too. Ive got...
  3. T

    i wan to upgrade my ram

    i have and 8gb potenza ram stick and want to know if i can switch it our for two 8gb corsair vengeance ram sticks
  4. J

    Custom PC build £550

    I would like to create a custom PC for £550. I would like it to have a ssd but apart from that I'm not fussed. Please could you advise me on the specs I should have for high quality but fairly cheap PC gaming.
  5. G

    PSU problems. Please help!!!

    Hey! My build: I7 7700 @3.6 ghz Pure Rock cooler Asus B250F Motherboard SSD - Samsung 850 Evo Case - Corsair 400Q Current PSU - CX450M Corsair I have a very loud and strange noise from my psu, but its not coil whine. (i will take it back to a store) But... Would a different psu brand...
  6. Harinjo

    Which one is better?

    Hello guys which card is better? 1. GTX 970 Windforce G1 Gaming or the 2. GTX 1060 6GB Thank you!
  7. B

    All computer audio louder on right side than left

    I'm having an issue on all audio with my windows 10 PC. I have no idea what started the issue unfortunately, but for some reason the right side of my headphones (or any other sound device) is always significantly louder than the left side. Here's a list of things I've tried to fix it: -...
  8. J

    BSOD: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ntoskrnl.exe

    Over the past week I've been experiencing BSODs whenever I've been playing a game (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS). Each time the stop code is different. Currently I only have one minidump because I did a windows reset to try and fix the issue. I could run the game more and get more minidumps if...
  9. E

    Can't get system to boot.

    I just upgraded the cpu, ram, and mobo, but now my pc won't turn on. The RAM will light up when I plug it in, but nothing else happens. No motherboard lights or anything. Pressing the power button has no response. Build: