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    Question Device Manager Issue - USB Disconnect Sound Keeps Playing Every Couple Seconds

    Hi all, After having psu issues I was able to finally get my newest PC up and running. I loaded up windows 10 and installed drivers but I've ran into a very annoying issue. The USB disconnect/connect sound keeps playing every couple seconds, it's driving me crazy! I've downloaded USB Log View...
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    Question Windows 10 doesn't install on new build

    I put together my own PC for the first time and everything booted fine into BIOS but when I go to put Windows 10 on it gets stuck at 89% in getting files ready for installation. I have tried resetting the motherboard (MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus) used SSD (Samsung 860 Evo) and NVMe (Samsung 970...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 installation canceled

    Hi guys. I wanted to install windows 10 on my ssd. But whenever the installation is almost complete, it suddenly stops and says that the installation was canceled. How do I fix this?