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  1. Fremden Führer

    [SOLVED] Installing Windows in new SSD without any activation key but there's Windows 10 in my old HDD.

    I bought a new SSD and I wanna boot my pc onto it but I don't have windows 10 installed and no activation key😥 cause I can't afford it, but I have Windows 10 installed on my old HDD. Can I transfer Windows 10 to my new SSD and boot it? (but I still want my HDD Plugged in to my PC and...
  2. M

    Question Can you use HDD for IOS [ISO ?] image/ clean install for SSD replacement; Multi-drive laptop

    Hi all, I am looking for a bit of guidance as I am wanting to replace my current ssd on my laptop with a new, larger ssd and am wanting to do a clean install of windows onto the new ssd. The laptop I am using currently has 2 drives, a small ssd of 120GB and an hdd of 900GB. My question is this...