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  1. J

    Question Windows Simultaneous Installs Fix

    I recently installed windows on a new SSD. While maintaining windows on a previous drive I updated my new windows install but now I want to go back to my original drive. How do I do this. I uninstalled the previous windows backup (I'm an idiot don't ask). I can manually boot to the original...
  2. [SOLVED] Windows 10 Bootrec /rebuildbcd and /ScanOS say 0 Windows Installations detected.

    Don't worry about the camera noise. I had multiple Linux distro installed beside windows 10 and after deleting their partitions and deleting those folders from the EFI fat32 System partition I ran those commands as seen above. Its perhaps also important that grub was installed and removed as...
  3. M

    Question Whenever i download a game from torrent some files keep missing!

    I uninstalled my malwarebytes, disabled microsoft defender and disabled firewall from my computer but the issue still persist. Do you guys have any idea what's the problem here? I tried to use different torrent software but it didn't fix the issue. I would appreciate all of your response guys...
  4. M

    Question Installing NUC, but ssd doesn't show up as a drive for installing system

    hi everyone, I just bought a NUC, along with two rams and a Crucial P1 SSD with 1TB. I was putting them together, the two rams showed up, and the SSD also showed up in bios under the "storage" category". however when I was installing windows, the installation couldn't find a drive to install...
  5. secwiz

    Question How to stop Ubuntu installation from converting to MBR ?

    I have a custom built pc, Threadripper 2950x, Taichi x399 MOBO, and I am trying to reinstall all of my operating systems due to it defaulting to MBR after converting to GPT before installation. I have used Gparted, Gdisk, and even Windows utilities to try to convert to GPT. It is successful...
  6. A

    Question Windows 10 installation not seeing my ssd

    I bought a new laptop (asus x512da-ej389), I plugged in a usb with windows 10, selected all the unallocated space and installed windows, and it all went ok, reset, plugged usb out, now it doesnt boot into windows, and my ssd isnt in bios, when I go back to installation, there are no drives, what...
  7. iamraag

    Question Installing old/used SSD and SATA drive to a new laptop - Good idea?

    What are the risks involved of installing SSDs and SATA drives from an older laptop into a newer one? I have two Samsung SM951 MZ-VPV256 (256 GB - PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe)) drives from my older laptop (Asus ROG G752VY). I also have a Hitachi 0J30563 - 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 9.5mm 2.5" Hard Drive...
  8. neverknowu

    [SOLVED] Proper Windows 10 Migration to new system

    Hello! I'm updating my system and want to be sure I get this installation correct. I'd like the new system to run off of an NVMe drive. Old one has a sata SSD. What is the best way to install Windows on the new computer/NVMe and keep my files/apps from the old one? I looked on the Microsoft...
  9. 1Nessa9

    Question Computer connects to Tv just fine but monitor says no signal.

    Hello! I've seen this question answered before but I feel like mine might be a slightly different case. I tried the solutions there (deleting/updating drivers and checking resolution settings) but nothing worked. Ever since I installed my new GPU and CPU (Nvidia 1060 GTX 3gb and AMD Ryzen5...
  10. AgelessWonder10

    Question Windows 10 Install

    MSI B550 Tomahawk Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair Vengance 3600 XfX RX 5700 XT 600W EVGA 80+ Bronze Seagate Barracuda 256gb Nvme SSD I created a USB with the Windows 10 iso file, but it is not being recognized as a bootable in the BIOS, and in the Boot Menu, the only option I get is to boot into the Bios...
  11. DaPro_Skillz

    Question Windows 10 Installation Media Not Working

    So I went on my Windows PC and download the Windows 10 Installation Media Creation Tool. I then ran it on my PNY 32gb NTFS USB flash drive. Once it was finished making it a bootable USB, I plugged it in to my laptop. How do I boot from it? Picture of BIOS
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Installing Wifi 6 adapter into motherboard with existing WiFi?

    This is a dumb question but can I have two Wifi adaptors installed in my desktop? I have MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE Wifi that came with a prebuilt Wifi adapter but I'd like to upgrade it with an intel Wifi 6 adapter. Can I keep the old one in or do I need to remove it before I can install the...
  13. AtotehZ

    Question Installing Win10 on secondary drive while booted up.

    Hey, I'm having an issue with a mini-pc. It won't install Windows 10 when booting to a USB for some reason. The temporary solution I've found is to take an older drive, install windows 10 on that on my main desktop, plug it into the mini-pc, boot up. (The older drive couldn't be installed from...
  14. asus2786

    Question Unable to install Windows 10 on new PC

    Hello everyone, Before describing the problem, I can briefly say that I tried many methods to fix this bs - YouTube videos, instructions on the Internet, etc. I ask for some advice / help, because I have been struggling with it for two days and I don't have the strength to do it anymore. I am...
  15. M

    Question Issues installing windows

    Hello all. I recently built a computer for a friend. And used an old 950 Evo of mine for his boot drive. I wiped it clean using the formatting tool on my computer. Now whenever I try to start the computer it just goes into recovery mode. Like it thinks that windows is still installed on the...
  16. styl_impulse

    Question Need help installing new SSD!

    (Disclaimer - I know the bare minimal about PCs) So, I've basically purchased a 500GB Crucial SSD card which I have successfully installed into my PC, my PC does pick up that it is installed, however I'm struggling to understand how to make the SSD the boot drive. I understand how to enter the...
  17. P

    Question How do i install my windows 10 pro OS onto a new SSD without the windows 10 cd

    I want to change my 1 TB HDD with Wind 10 pro installed for a new SSD for performance reasons. I know what SSD i want to get and ive made sure its compatible wiht my motherboard and all of that. i get how to physically install the drive but im seeing mixed instructions for installing the OS...
  18. Dreuxx

    Question Windows 10 Installation - Freezing on 11%

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to help a friend install Windows 10 on his computer, and he's been waiting over three hours for it to install. Currently, he's stuck on the following: "Getting files ready for installation - 11%" What steps should we take, or should we wait it out?
  19. Pimney

    Question Laptop shuts down when installing Windows 10. Why?

    Hey Guys! Now I know that this question was asked many times in many different versions, but I feel like mine is more exotic, I also just have not found an answer to my question. Now I have an old HP laptop, which has slowed down significantly, so I wanted to clean it all up and install...
  20. Marco_420

    [SOLVED] Need help ASAP, New RyZen x3950 build in constant loop while installing windows

    Dear users, I've found myself in quite a pickle and could do with some well placed advice. I've recently build a new system, mostly with new parts though some were salvaged from my previous workstation. After putting the pc together I continued installing windows after making sure everything...