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  1. BrightVader

    Question SSD problem. Help!

    Hello good people! My new SSD is not showing in the BIOS. I've played with the boot options but nothing happened. When try to install Windows 10(different versions of it) from a booted flash drive, when I get to the option for choosing the disk on which the OS to be installed, it shows the...
  2. iSpextor

    Question Need help installing Case Fan

    Hey guys, So the other day my old case fans (stock fans that came with the case) started rattling, etc. and at the end of the day I decided to have them replaced. Coming to the actual problem now.. I ordered a pair of Noctua NF-P12 fans. Great product really, but I couldn't even get to install...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu?

    Hii legends.. i already Installed windows 7 Home Premium with 2 partition.. ( local disk C & local disk D ).. now my task is install dual boot option with ubuntu.. Clarification please Anybody clearly explain me... where i shrink the partition local disk C or local...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Installation Does Not Recognize My NVMe Drive

    Hey guys, I have a new build that I'm working on and can't seem to complete the Windows 10 Installation process. My components are listed at the bottom. The issue that I'm having is that the Windows installation program will not recognize that I have an NVMe drive. The only storage listed is...
  5. K

    Question Computer will show an DPC_Watchdog Error, upon a fresh installation of Windows 10

    I accidentally restarted my pc when it was updating windows 10. This caused my PC to be stuck in a boot loop. I turned off my PC, and came back to it ten minutes later hoping that it would resolve the issue. it would go to my boot screen and say "attempting to make repairs", after a good 5 or...
  6. drtel

    Question Why isn't my built in SSD showing up during windows installation?

    I just bought my first laptop, and it came without an OS, so I tried installing windows 10 with a pendrive, and during installation my SSD doesnt show up in the options, neither in diskpart, nor in the BIOS in the boot priority section. It only shows up in the storage section of the BIOS. What...
  7. M

    Question Why Newly Installed Intel i7's Hot Initially Then Runs Normal Temp?

    For several years I've been upgrading laptops, mainly Lenovo ThinkPad's, replacing older G2 and G3 socket i3's and i5'S with the service manual's recommended i7's. I've replaced well over 100 processors and in most cases the temperatures show normal to running cool. That is between 105 to 150 F...
  8. Pingu'san

    Question Installing RGB Fans

    I have two fans that I had to take out of the front of a Masterbox TD500 case in order to install a Kraken X62. Now i'm trying to reinstall them onto the top of the case but I am confused on how they are installed. The case came with a wire that splits off into 4 smaller connectors, do I connect...
  9. V

    [SOLVED] Clean Installation Question

    I'm currently running 2 SSD's in my system, and just recently prepared my USB flash drive for a clean installation that i've been putting off for my brand new upgrades. My one question is if i don't really care about what's on my other SSD(NON-OS) can I also simply delete all of the partitions...
  10. RayAllen34

    Question Installing windows 10 onto my m2 drive

    Hi, I’be recently upgraded to some Ryzen hardware and tried to clone my old drive into my Samsung m.2 drive using Clonezilla. It said it failed because of the drive size. From 256GB to 250GB. I tried various things to get it working but it just didn’t boot so I decided I would just reinstall...
  11. S

    Question Installing Windows 10. Do i need to do anything to my windows 7 first?

    Hey guys; Back when the free upgrade came out, i deleted that GWX thing and i was careful to not install any windows 10 related updates. Due to that, is there any windows 7 "prep" i need to do now before i install 10 or will the windows10 installation prep my computer regardless? thanks
  12. B

    Question I am trying to install windows 10 to my computer

    Howdy, I am attempting to install windows 10 to my pc. I am using a usb for installation and I am running on legacy mode. When I run the installer I get an error "System Service Exception". I have tried using chkdsk on my C drive but there is no problems found. What can I do?
  13. E

    Question XP installation freezes over and over again

    There's an old game I used to play a lot a couple of years ago that last worked with Windows XP, so I bought an old used Windows XP laptop. First thing I did was trying to install a fresh copy of XP that the seller sent me, but the installation gets stuck over and over again. First time...
  14. C

    Question New GPU and new to installing GPU by myself

    Hello I’m looking into getting a new GPU for my pc and I’m looking at a 1050ti 4GB and I’ve made sure it fits my motherboard. Here’s where the questions come in 1) is there anyway I can find out the total power being currently used by my PC hardware like cpu etc in case I need a bigger PSU 2)...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Would It Be Pointless To Get Amazon "Expert Installation" For My Cpu and SSD?

    Im going to be buying a new cpu (Ryzen 5 2600x) and SSD (Samsung 860 evo 500gb) soon and im wondering if it would be pointless to get expert installation for both products. I know that most people online would say that the installation process for both products is really simple but im not really...
  16. I

    Question Windows 10 installation - crashing to black screen

    Currently trying to reinstall Windows 10. The setup allows me to get to the stage where I enter an account name and password, but typically when I start typing into the password, it crashes and just gives me a black screen. All of the fans run very loudly when the screen turns to black. I have...
  17. jaasif

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 Fresh install - Cannot connect to network - Ethernet driver installation wizard interrupted

    So here's the situation. I just wiped and reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Everything went smoothly until I realised I could not connect to the network. In fact, I could not even detect networks with the ethernet cable plugged into the pc. I went into Device Manager and saw that my...
  18. F

    Question Drivers wont install after upgrade

    So i just received my GTX 1060 upgrading from a 1050. After trying to re-install the drivers it keeps giving me the same error (Nvidia installer failed, Installation failed, etc) no matter where I install from. I used DDU to remove the drivers and try a fresh install but it still didn't work.
  19. Q

    Question Cant install windows 10 on NVME M.2

    Hello, I have just built my PC and I'm attempting a fresh install of windows 10 from a USB 3.0. The specs are i7 9700k, 16gb of ram, crucial nvme m2 1tb ssd. Whenever i try to install windows it freezes on getting files ready for installation or just as it completes this stage, freezes...
  20. CptEddy

    Question Windows 10 installation stuck at 'Getting files ready for installation'

    Hi, Today I used Rufus to make bootable usb drive and tried installing windows 10 on my pc. When windows setup comes with 5 steps i.e 'Copying Windows files' - 'Getting files ready for installation'...... The problem is 1st step goes like 0% to 100% in 3 second I don't have SSD still. And it...