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    Question Cheapest, minimal option for DIY media server

    Afternoon, Recently I grew tired of loading my media on an external harddisk on my laptop and hooking it up on one of my TV's in order to watch the media or bringing it with me. I've looked into Synology NAS solutions but I've always thought that a more powerful compact system could be made...
  2. J

    Using my dedicated GPU for 4K TV instead of integrated graphics

    Hi, I have a laptop with an i7-6500U (which comes with HD 520 graphics, I believe) and a 940M. I tried connecting it to my 4K TV, which I use for my PS4, a few days ago, but it was kind of fuzzy and there was obvious lag. The refresh rate was capped at 30hz, however and I thought that might be...
  3. P

    Problem installing Windows 10

    Hello I have a problem with my laptop toshiba what I install Windows 10 it me but an error message your computer to restart unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error The installation of Windows can not do not continue to continue installing Windows click ok to restart the computer and...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] How would I reinstall windows on a new PC?

    Right, so I'm reusing parts from my current PC, and I'm really just concerned about what I should actually DO when my new parts arrive and I put them all together. I'm currently using the PC with Windows 10 on it. My PC was custom pre-built however it came with the disc for Windows 8 which is...
  5. V

    GTX 780 failing after installing drivers

    I bought second hand GTX 780. My rig: Asus m5a78l Quad-core 3.3ghz 650w 11gb ram sata 500hdd Had GTX 560 but USB shorted and card stop working hence the upgrade. After I instal drivers on 780 the screen goes to 600x480 and 16 colors.trying to change em.there is an warning by res.that my screen...
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    DO SD card readers on laptops support the same read/write speeds ?

    Or are there differences ? Also, what is the maximum read/write speed I can get by buying a fast SD card and plunging it into my laptop's SD card reader ? How will the performance be compared to a SATA2 SSD ? Many Thanks
  7. T

    Optimizing cooling question.

    So I’ve got an i5 2500k and a hyper 212 evo (I’ve attached pictures) the cooler is mounted facing the rear of the case with an exhaust fan pulling the air out. My question is is my setup ideal? Or is there a way to push the air thru the cooler rather than pull I tried but my ram gets in the way...
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    No boot priority list in Aorus z390 Master bios

    I just built a new rig with the Aorus z390 Master. Have a Samsung 850 1tb SSD on SATA 0. All connections are fine. The SSD is recognized correctly in the SATA Config screen in bios, but absent in the boot priority list. Was going to try and load windows 10 from a portable USB drive, but that...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Unable to use Abit µGuru/OC Guru with modded Xeon X5450 on LGA 775 board

    Hello everyone. Until yesterday, I was running an overclocked Core2Duo E6750 on a Abit IP35 pro mainboard (LGA 775, P35 chipset, latest BIOS). I love my setup and wanted to give it a little boost using a Core2Quad when I read about the Xeon mod which would allow me to install a LGA 771 Xeon on...
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    [SOLVED] fx-8350 with swiftech h220x reaching 80C temps?!

    My fx-8350 seems way too hot for having a water cooler installed. At idle it's usually around 26-32C. But after a couple minutes of prime95 it gets to almost 80C which I then stop, because that just seems way too high. I recently drained and refilled the coolant with distilled and added an ssd...
  11. L

    CPU for CAD SOLIDWORKS 2600X VS I5 9600K OR I5 8600

    Hi Guys I am in kind of a tight budget, to build a ok machine for cad work . Is mainly for Solidworks , most of the time creating isolated parts , sometimes work with SimulationXpress and FloXpress , some MS Office work and web browsing . Getting a i7 would strain my budget , plus in my...
  12. E

    [SOLVED] Did I get unlucky with my i9 9900k?

    I have an i9 9900k on a Gigabyte z390 Aurus Pro wifi board. Just to hit 4.8 on all 8 cores I need V core set to 1.315. This seems insanely high to me since people are reporting 5hz with that vcore. At stock clocks, i can't pass stress testing with anything under 1.3. Do I just have a "slow" chip?
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    [SOLVED] TV tuner card

    But sir my TV tuner card to old and it was also work on win7
  14. Dark Soul

    Looking for new gaming headset

    Hey all, so I love my Kingston Cloud Hyper X 2's but theyre starting to decrease in quality. I have the warrently with Best Buy and im still under my two year plan so I can still get 110 dollars towards a new headset. I'm willing to spend up to 150 on a new headset but I'm not sure which to go...
  15. K

    Asus H81M-C And GT 1030

    Is it compatible?
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    Buying own laptop for first time and I don't know what to do

    Hello, I am currently looking for a replacement for my HP g6 that I was given. I have never bought a laptop in my life and to be honest it is very confusing. 1. What is your budget? $1,000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14" is ideal, but it really depends on...
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    Laptop prompts me to use charger when booting and does strange noise

    So im gonna explain in detail the situation- the other day i wanted to turn off my laptop(asus rog gl503 windows 10) and when it said ,,shutting down,, on the screen, it suddenly sent me back to my desktop screen. It wasnt a restart because the screen didnt even go black and it kept doing the...
  18. A

    What is directx sdk?

    what is directx sdk? and why its called sdk when its not work like development kit program like android sdk?
  19. G

    r9 290 black screen fix?

    My r9 290 always crashes to a black screen when no matter what i am doing 20-40mins after booting up. It happens faster when i play games. I find that if I put my computer to sleep every 20mins or so I can prevent the crash for the next 30mins or so. Does anyone know why this may be happening or...
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    PC Restarts Under Load

    My System: FX8350 Stock Clocks with a Hyper 412S GTX970 Strix No OC 16GB 4x4 HyperX Savage 990FX Fatality Motherboard Inter Tech Argus 620W PSU 1TB WD Blue This never occurred until today. So i got The Crew 2 today and i after i downlloaded it i instantly jumped into it and ran it on max...