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  1. S

    Question INSTALLING new GPU gives me a black screen

    Hello, I am installing a GPU into an office PC for a quick, easy, and cheap build, but when i plug it in all i get is a black screen. (Im assuming since the graphic drivers are not installed) Im not sure what to do, any suggestions? Thanks, Spencer
  2. Pimney

    Question Laptop shuts down when installing Windows 10. Why?

    Hey Guys! Now I know that this question was asked many times in many different versions, but I feel like mine is more exotic, I also just have not found an answer to my question. Now I have an old HP laptop, which has slowed down significantly, so I wanted to clean it all up and install...
  3. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] Installing windows without ethernet cable ...

    Will windows install normally (All the proper drivers) without a ethernet cable but with wireless wifi adapter?
  4. B

    Question Software installations hit 0 bytes and freeze windows.

    Hello, I've been having this issue a few window 10 updates back. I believe it may be the window 10's update but I can't be too sure. The issue i'm having is, every time I try to install a game within its launcher, the download will halt and the memory that it is downloading at will plummet...
  5. Heater6785

    Question Installing Heat Spreader on my RAM

    I'm wondering if you can install heat spreaders on every memory stick, do all of they support this feature or only some kinds? I am using 2 sticks of Corsair Value (CMV4GX4M1A2133C15). I can buy 2 heat spreaders online.
  6. R

    Question Having problems installing Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate

    When trying to install the game disc 1 and 2 are fine and I insert disc 3 it fills the bar than gives me an error 1305 saying I need to very that I can access file x302_000z2f which is on the disc I've tried clicking retry but it does the same thing. I'm running on admin so that shouldn't be an...
  7. S

    Question Windows install media driver and product key error

    Hello I am trying to install windows 10 (tried both enterprise and pro) via a flash drive (16 gb) I do not have access to any usb 3 / 3.1 flash drives, i am using a usb 2. I just completed building my system : Mobo: asrock z390 pro Storage: samsung nvme ssd 970 500gb on m.2 slot Ram:16 gb...
  8. A

    New AMD vs Intel i-series Processors - How do they compare?

    I work in a school and I've just had an email from a company we occasionally buy from, saying that HP are a range of laptops with new AMD processors to compete with the intel i-series. Whilst I understand the basics about CPUs - multi-core processing, threads, speed etc, I've only really got...
  9. S

    Laptop shuts down randomly and booting x200 harder

    This morning i wanted to play CS GO, Monday my laptop being supposed to be cleaned and the thermoconducting liquid (idk how to spell it in English, it s the solution that keeps the CPU cool). I have seen that the CPU temperature was 100 degrees Celsius (i5 430M), extremely hot,in spite of having...
  10. X

    Driver Probem for Radeon HD 8670M

    I have spent two hours looking for answers and have downloaded almost 3gb of worthless updates. I have two integrated graphics cards: Radeon HD 8330, and Radeon HD 8670M. Windows 8.1 (Bought the laptop while it was in Windows 8 in 2013) 4gb Ram AMD A4 Quad core I was wondering why I had low...
  11. D

    Kernel Security Check Failure, 0x139

    Hello community! I have a long-lasting problem with my PC, my good old friend, the Kernel Security Check Failure, bugcheckcode 0x139. Some time ago, I didn't had it very often, the error occured sporadly. But now, this error occures very often, even when I'm playing. And I can't find a...
  12. H

    Input signal lost during game only

    Hello, my pc has been having an issue where it says no cable connected on my monitor screen during a game. Odd enough, it is only happening on Destiny 2 beta... it is not one of the known issues with the beta and can't seem to find a correlation. The problem occurs anywhere from 5 minutes and...
  13. morpheus1870

    Are these benchmark speeds good?

    Do these look about right? Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD WD My Book DUO 8TB USB 3.0 in RAID 1 (x2 4TB WD Red Drives)
  14. M

    Usb stick needs formating, but cannot format

    Hello! So I have this brand new USB stick that I want to use, but as i plug it in it says it needs to be formated. I then try to format it, but it cannot format. The stick is basically unusable in this state. Please help.
  15. J

    Am I right in blaming the PSU?

    I've been having Hard Drive issues - the drive not showing up (in BIOS or Windows), the drive showing up but not being able to read/write, that sort of stuff. The drive is a WD Black. I chucked in a WD Blue, and although it worked fine for a while, it eventually started behaving the same. The...
  16. L

    PCI E x8 (in x16 slot) max power draw.

    I have a motherboard that has only one PCI E x16 slot. This slot has 8 lanes in. Will the max power draw for this slot still 75W or will it be the lower 25W that PCI E x8 slots are limited to. (Note that the slot uses PCI E x8 2.0 technology). I am asking because I am looking to buy a GTX 750ti...
  17. Q

    Is 82°C ok for the nvidia GTX 750 ti?

    I don't really game super high tech games, but when playing Sims 3 whilst monitoring my GPU temperatures, it at some point reached 82°C. Is this safe for my GPU? I'm very new to this. My GPU fan hasn't increased above 61% either. Should I be worried? Sorry if this post is lacking, I'm really...
  18. C

    Every time I try to log into my fb account it is saying null?? What do I do?

    Every time I try to log into my fb account, it is saying null? What should I do??
  19. T

    Stop printer from trying to install

    I tried to install an obsolete printer, obviously not purposefully. It wouldn't work so I deleted it and got a new one. But my computer keeps trying to install it, all day everyday and I can't get it to stop. Windows keep coming up to change the hard drive and to reinstall the program. But I...
  20. S

    any need to disable antivirus software when using the windows 10 media creation tool

    to create a bootable windows 10 installer usb ?