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  1. parmi93

    Question Asus Maximus Extreme IX liquid metal

    Specs: CPU: i7-7700k @ 4.20 GHz (Turbo boost: 4.5GHz) [delidded] Mobo: Asus Maximus IX Extreme GPU: Gigabyte - GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition 11G RAM: 32GB - G.Skill - Trident Z RGB - DDR4 3600Mhz - 32GB (8GBx4) - 16-16-16-36 PSU: Seasonic - PRIME 850 W Titanium Custom Cooling system...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Overclocking with Ai tuner

    So i got myself i3 9100f with Asus Prime B365m-a board. And in Bios there is something called Ai Tuner and i can use that to set sync all cores with core 1 running at 4.2Ghz. and it works every core runs at 4.2ghz no issue so far. Is it sensible and safe to run that little processor at those...
  3. Karim2001

    [SOLVED] Amd vs Intel

    Hi I want to buy a new Dell Inspiron laptop i found good ones with i5 8265u CPU 4gb Ram but some come with intel UHD 620 while others come with Amd Radeon 520 2gb GDDR5 so witch one is better ? One a side note do in the case of AMD does it also come with integrated graphic card alongside the...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] RX570 4gb VS RX480 8gb

    Ok so i can buy a used RX 570 4gb for $160 or I can buy a RX480 8GB which has been mined on for $180... The card ran from September to June.. IT was said to have run at 45C and the core clock reduced is what I was told... Which would you buy? This graphics card will be paired with a I7-2600...
  5. Aseem September

    Drive automatically became efi partition

    My 3TB WD internal drive had a GPT partition and was working normally, I restarted my computer and the drive stopped showing in explorer. The drive is visible in Disk Management but it shows up as EFI Partition and all of the right click options are disabled. I have a lot of data on this...
  6. S

    Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death

    Recently received a message from Windows saying that there were disc driver errors that needed to be fixed with a restart. After putting it off for a couple days, I finally let the computer restart, and now I come to a screen with a frowny-face :( and a message telling me that there is a...
  7. D

    AMD FX-8120 Cooler

    What would be the cheapest cpu cooler for this to run at max load without exceeding 61C. I have the Fx-8120 with 4 cores and 4 logical cores, with stock at 3.1ghz at planning to overclock up to 4ghz at 1.3v. I have a gtx 970 with case fans of two 80mm exhaust, one 120mm exhaust, one 80mm intake...
  8. D

    GTX 780 Trying to install games does not support shader model 3

    new first time build downloaded installed BF4 fine no problems trying to play smite and it says your graphics card does not support this i have tried searching toms only to find threads with relay old GPU 780 supports shader model 5 im really confused and help is greatly appreciated